Tuesday, September 15, 2015

Tottering: Part I

In truth I barely ever wear these shoes. They are not uncomfortable but they are a pain to actually be mobile in. But I love them so much that I sometimes put them on for occasions like grabbing a drink where I know I’m being driven to and from the bar and only really have to walk around for like 10 minutes max. Luckily just such an occasion presented itself!

shoes: Nordstrom / jeans: Kensie / shirt: Old Navy / blazer: Calvin Klein, thrifted via Value Village / sunglasses: Aldo / necklace: Sheinside


Closet Fashionista said...

I have shoes like that too, haha! My aunt calls them sit down shoes ;)

Cee said...

Ah, the joy of tall shoes. There seems to be no rhyme or reason to which ones are comfortable and which ones aren't, it's still a total mystery to me even though I'm almost always in heels. These look like they should be comfortable... but wedges are deceptive that way. They are, however, fabulous.

Laura Go said...

I have a couple of pairs of shoes like that, and I can't bear to part with them because I never know when such an opportunity (of being driven around and only having to walk less than 10 mins) would present itself! Also-- no cobblestones or grass, please!

Jessica said...

I have a few pairs of shoes like this. I keep them because I love them but they really don't love me. Your shoes are beautiful. I love the colors.

Elle Sees said...

i need those--even if they aren't comfy, hehe.

awhite said...

I have a few pairs of shoes like this- gorgeous and so fun, but difficult to maneuver, ha. These are sooo cool- I see why you love 'em!

Le Stylo Rouge

Veronika, By The Shore said...

The shoes are fab, and I love that you added other pops of blue to the outfit! Just gorgeous, lovey!! And yes, me too, have a few pairs that I only wear when I know we'll be driving and then sitting!! ;)