Monday, April 1, 2013

Bows! And Some Random Info About Me...

I recently rediscovered this adorable little hair bow from ModCloth. While it’s not really fitting for wear around my office, I think I need to make a mental note to pack it in my purse when I head out for dinner or drinks straight from work. It adds the perfect touch of fun (and I really, really need that after a day at work. Like a lot).

In other news, one of my Connecticut blogger pals recently tagged me in a “Five Things About Me” post…so here’s 5 slightly random things about me:

 My favourite place in the world is Scotland, hands down. I dream about being back there at least once a month. And as a historian of England you’d think I’d like spending time in England more but, nope, it’s Scotland all the way for this gal!

I love the fall and winter and absolutely hate summer and warm weather. I know, its super weird. But true.

I can read Spanish, French, Italian, and Latin. My speaking skills in each are much less proficient.

Before deciding to pursue history as a career field and getting my PhD from Yale I thought I would get a degree in education and work as a teacher.

My helpmeet and I recently celebrated our seventh wedding anniversary (and we’ve been together for 12 years). We got married because I got accepted to Yale and it was the only way we could get him a visa to come along. So, instead of a proposal, we sat down together and had a discussion about the benefits of getting hitched versus staying as common law (we’d been living together for three years at that point). Lots of people think that’s a depressing story but I love it – it pretty accurately sums up how we roll as a couple and, hey, it’s workin’ for us.


JennaStevie said...

I love that you guys sat down and had a conversation like that, that's awesome actually. And I would love to go to Scotland, i've only heard good things about it!

christine said...

Nice!! I love Courtney facts haha! Happy Anniversary! we will be celebrating our 4 years wedding and 12 years being together also...I love your story and how you made it work for so many years!!

Yasmeen said...

I always think I'll like summer until it actually arrives and then I'm totally sweaty and miserable all the time. So, yea, I'll have to agree!

And happy anniversary! :D I imagine my situation we'll be the same. Neither of us really see the need to get married but we'll probably have to (conservative families and all!)

Castle Fashion

Closet Fashionista said...

Woohoo for your facts! That's an interesting story about your "proposal" hehe :)

Unknown said...

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Marie a la Mode said...

Cute bow! I'm completely opposite of you when it comes to not liking the hot summer weather ; )

Cee said...

I love your hairbow! And I love your getting married story, too - some girls really want that big, mushy proposal, and when you say that's not the way things went down for you, a lot of people are disappointed... but the most important thing is that the decision to get married was authentic to who you are as a couple. If my husband had gotten down on one knee, I think I might have laughed...!

Marlen said...

daaang girl, a phd from yale? that's intense! and i LOVE your bow, it really is the perfect quirky detail. especially with the color of your hair

xo Marlen
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LyddieGal said...

No matter how it came to be, a long happy marriage is a wonderful thing.

I hope you get to live in Scotland someday!

welldressedmaker said...

Happy anniversary to you and your husband! I love your wedding story. My husband and I have the same feelings about marriage. We did it to basically, appease my parents (I was oh so freaking naive then), but we went super casual with the ceremony and did it the way we felt like doing it. Also, SCOTLAND is ACES. I wanna live there one day!

Ellie said...

Ok I LOVE that bow. Great idea packing it in your purse. Such an easy way to go from the office to drinks.


BonBon Rose Girls Kristin said...

All those languages...that is so cool lady!

{The Perfect Palette} said...

Thanks for sharing. And for the record, I'm loving this cute little bow!

Instant Milk said...

Your hair is really cool! 've been thinking about getting a short haircut but I don't really dare :(!

Cool! Thank you for sharing!

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StyleIDnet said...

The bow looks very cute, well your hair is always great! Nice to know about about your love for Scotland, I love it too, I think it has the most marvelous views and places. Gets me a little romantic and nostalgic at the same time :)
Happy (belated anniversary)
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