Friday, May 10, 2013


So, remember when I was telling you about my luggage disaster in New Orleans (I arrived for two job interviews and my luggage did not so I tore out of the hotel the night before my interviews and bought all new stuff only to return to the hotel to find my luggage there and spent the next day returning purchases in between interviews and catching up with all my historian pals)?

Well, I decided that, after all the aggravation of the luggage fiasco, that I would keep the dress I bought because I had earned it at that point. And it’s quickly become my go-to work frock.

  dress: Banana Republic / blazer: BB Dakota / boots: Kohl’s / necklace: ModCloth / purse: Urban Outfitters / watch: Kenneth Cole / bracelets: Aldo


Closet Fashionista said...

Ooh I love that dress! Definitely a deserved reward. Stupid planes! :p

JennaStevie said...

This is a really great dress, definitely worth keeping! Loosing your luggage is the worst, I hate when that happens. At least you got a sweet dress out of it

StyleIDnet said...

As bad as it sounds (and aggravating as it is) for me shopping is always a good problem to have :)
I am looking for a black, plain dress, with no embellishments or any other thing, just black and have been looking for it everywhere .... but missed Banana Republic :)
Love the style, the layering and the heart pendant poping up, looks so nice.
Have a happy weekend,

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Raquelita said...

I don't blame you for keeping it! It's a great, versatile dress!

Elle Sees said...

glad you kept it. it's awesome, as are the boots!!

Cee said...

After all of those problems with your luggage at a time that was already so stressful, you definitely earned (at least) one dress :) I love the simple, classic cut of this one - it looks beautiful the way you`ve styled it, and I bet you can do lots of other things with it, too

k said...

i have a simple black dress like that and its def my go to for almost any occasion

LyddieGal said...

Totally. I'm surprised you even managed to return most of the stuff you bought, anyone else would have just been too lazy and kept it.

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welldressedmaker said...

Very glad that you kept that dress because the cut is gorgeous and it looks amazing on you! I also love that you paired it with those boots! Unexpected and super cooooool.
♥ laura
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Kati said...

You are so pretty and your outfit so cute! Love the boots!

Have the best week ever,

Diana S.T. said...

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I have seriously been there too many times with the luggage situation, which is why I always carry-on. I love your dress, especially with your boots! Happy Monday! xx/Madison

Unknown said...

Banana Republic does dresses right, the cut on this is perfection and I love the gold accessorizing. Ugh that sounds so stressful, you definitely deserve the dress! hope job searching is going well

Ramona said...

so sorry to hear about your disaster. Your dress is wonderful and such a timeless piece which you can wear again an again playing with accessories. Already you have styled lovely, comfortable look.

xoxo Ra

Queen Treasure said...

wow cool style!
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