Monday, October 7, 2013

The Camping Leopard

These photos are really delayed!


Anyways, this is what I wore to work before racing home on a Friday to change into my camping gear and hit the road for a few nights at beautiful Rock Lake, about 4 hours north from where I live. The four hour drive afforded me ample time to duck into a few academic books I’ve been hoarding for the past few months, including an edited collection about the Tudors and Stuarts on film, which I had great fun finally getting into. I always wanted to design a class around representations of the past on film as an entry point into a larger discussion of the uses and abuses of history and the ethical responsibilities of the historian, so it was a great read.

Camping itself was likewise delightful. It was a bit cold but the hiking was beautiful and I had a great time relaxing and laughing and drinking with friends. I’m a bit sad that it was my last camping trip until next year. 

Are you a camping fan?

Also, if you follow me on Instagram or Twitter or Facebook (and, if you don't, check out the links on the sidebar), then you probably know I'm currently in Connecticut and NYC visiting my alma mater, hitting up a conference, and visiting some of my grad school friends. I'm having an amazing time thus far and will be posting more on that when I arrive home next weeks.

leggings: ASOS/ top: F21 / cardigan: Urban Outfitters


Nnenna said...

I'm loving those leather leggings. I'm more of a camping in a cabin girl- I need my amenities!

So exciting that you're in CT and NYC- hope you are having a wonderful time!

Jessica said...

I love your red leopard top. I have never been camping. I am pretty much convinced that it isn't something I would enjoy other than for the first 3 or 4 hours. I am as far from an outdoorsy kind of girl as you can get. The photos are beautiful though and do have me kind of wishing camping is something I would like.

Cee said...

I am not, and never have been a camper - the two times in my life that I've tried to go, my adventures have been rained out. Which, to be honest, I wasn't all that upset about :) Love those leggings!

JennaStevie said...

Ohhh great shots, I'm sad I only got to go camping once this summer. It rained SO MUCH the second night/third day so I think that's probably why we only went once, haha.
Love this leopard print blouse!

Closet Fashionista said...

Wow what beautiful scenery! So jealous! I wish I was as into history as you! I always enjoy watching things on the history channel but I never make a point to read anything or actually plan to watch things, I just happen upon them, haha

Carla said...

love the leo top... and i'm not a big fan of camping but i'd dop it if there's anyone willing to do it with me.. unfortunately no one's interested ... anyway seems so much fun waht you did!

xo, Carla

Elle Sees said...

it makes me so happy that there are really beautiful places left like this in the world. pms much? yes.

Marie a la Mode said...

This is a great look for you Courtney! Love your red top. I'm not a camping fan although I love sleeping in a tent, does that make sense? lol

welldressedmaker said...

So happy to hear you're having a great time so far! I LOVE this outfit especially those leggings! And the camping photos? Good gosh, they're making me miss Alaska and the outdoors! I'm not actually huge on camping (I have loads of allergies) but I do like going out in the wilderness!

Alexa said...

I am a terrible camper. Haha. but your photos are gorgeous and love the leopard!

Unknown said...

You are brave to go camping this late in the season but it looks like you still had a great time! Beautiful photos!

lucia m said...

great outfit dear!



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Camping is fun, I've not been in quite a while. Glad that you were able to get a snapshot, I love that leopard blouse. And, how gorgeous your pictures of nature are, great view! /Madison