Tuesday, March 4, 2014

Shivering in Faux Leather

You guys, it’s been super cold lately.

Don’t worry, I’m still a huge fan of winter though…it’s hard not to be when winter coats and chunky scarves are just so cozy and fashionable.

coat: Century 21 / scarf: Star-Crossed Smile / boots: Steve Madden / gloves: Safeway (that’s right, I buy my gloves where I buy my groceries!) / leggings: Dynamite


Closet Fashionista said...

Love the blue of that scarf by Nnenna popping off the black! :D Such a lovely look!
I'm so sick of the cold! I want it to be a little bit warmer so I can still wear sweaters/blazers, but not my coats

JennaStevie said...

This is a great coat, love the leather details on the arms!! And the blue scarf is such a perfect pop.
As much as I love winter outerwear, I'm over these cold temps

Sandy Joe said...

I can't believe you braved the cold for outfit photographs! That is pretty commendable! Also, loving the new blog design!


Jessica said...

I love your outfit. It definitely looks like it would keep you warm. I have been wearing my peacoat, scarves, and gloves. I love your coat, the zipper is amazing. Those studded boots are also amazing!

Jessica @ Sunny Days and Starry Nights

LyddieGal said...

You definitely have a higher tolerance for the cold, though even I will admit I love shopping for outerwear and can't have enough cute coats to wear.

Chic on the Cheap

Marlen said...

i'm straddling between still liking winter clothes and itching for the summer dresses, haha. HOWEVER, your outfit made me lecture myself on how, once again, i don't have a gorgeous coat this winter. they're always so pricey so i back out of buying a nice winter piece, which is silly since it's the only thing most people see when im outside! maybe next year... ;)

xo marlen
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I know we all want spring to roll around, especially me, but you still look fabulous and warm in your outfit. Staying bundled up is the only way to dress smart in very cold weather.

welldressedmaker said...

I am still a fan of winter, but ugh-- the ice and wind are pissing me off now, especially because it's MARCH. LOVE the coat!