Tuesday, April 1, 2014

Not a Real Doctor

I may have a PhD in history and Renaissance studies from Yale but the shirt says it all, I’m not a real doctor…in the life-saving sense at least. But if you ever need anyone to take about gender and identity in the early modern world, or maybe the social history of early modern England, then I’m your gal!

shirt: Buy Me Brunch / jeans: Zara / necklace: c/o OASAP / boots: Target


Closet Fashionista said...

Hehe, such a funny shirt! You know what makes me sad...that you love what you do so much and I'm sitting here hating life :p

Megan said...

I need that shirt for my brother-in-law. He has a PhD in Agricultural Economics and he's always saying "Trust me, I'm a doctor".

Unknown said...

Now I know whom to talk to if I need information about early modern England. :) Great sweater, but my favourite is the necklace.

Fabulous 30s

Jessica said...

I love your tee. I really wish I loved my job half as much as you like yours.

Cee said...

That t-shirt always makes me smile - you've definitely worked long enough and hard enough to qualify as a real doctor, even if you don't know how to perform surgery :)

And I love your necklace! So sparkly!

Marie a la Mode said...

Ha ha cute shirt!

welldressedmaker said...

THAT shirt! <3 I really love that you've dressed it up with that blingable necklace! GORGEOUS!

LyddieGal said...

That is definitely the best Doctor related tee ever, though I'm also fond of one that says "trust me, I'm a doctor". Not that I'd ever be in a position to wear one, you look fabulous in yours.
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