Friday, July 11, 2014

All the Frills: Home Edition

As some of you may know, the helpmeet and I recently bought our first place!

Two years ago, when I was a freshly minted PhD on the academic job market, I never would have thought we’d be putting down roots in our hometown. I saw it, instead, as a temporary place to regroup following graduation. But I landed a great non-academic job in the non-profit sector and found I could teach some history classes at local universities and continue to write and research in my down time (and, I’ll admit, I’m a bit of a sell-out in that I LOVED the steady, stable (and high) pay cheques I was getting after 6 years of living like a quasi-hobo in Connecticut on a grad student stipend) and Edmonton started to seem more and more like a good place to settle in.

Anyways, we’ve bounced between a few apartments in the past two years and then fell in love with our townhouse style condo (and if my dream academic job does ever come around we can always sell it and relocate). And, after a couple of weeks of moving hell, we’re pretty much all settled in. Here it is!

Our delightfully cool basement/movie watching room


A favourite print

The entrance to our second floor, open concept kitchen and formal living room

Finally, a dedicated wall for all the diplomas! I have 5 - a BA, two MAs, and MPhil, and the PhD

Excuse the dishes drying in the sink and the shameful looking cat in the corner

Again, ignore the lounging cat

Formal living room

Books, books, and more books

Dining room

I like to pretend I work at a fancy antique store with this table, and I can slide open the display case to show people my trinkets

Upstairs doors to the laundry room

Landing at the top of the stairs



The most perfect ensuite bathroom ever!

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Closet Fashionista said...

Ooh it looks lovely!! :D Such a great place to live, I'd want to live there :)

Marie a la Mode said...

What a gorgeous home! Love all the books you have everywhere ; )

Allie said...

Your home looks lovely!

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Cee said...

Your new home looks just beautiful, congratulations! I notice that you have the coffee table I've coveted for years - those display drawers are just too fun!

LyddieGal said...

Ohhh your new space looks so nice! So spacious, so clean! Love your sliding table... I would so want that for my jewelry, hehe.
Chic on the Cheap

welldressedmaker said...

Congrats on getting all moved in and unpacked-- so quickly too! Your house looks AMAZING. I seriously need you to come and decorate my digs. I really love that display table and all your shelves!

Eli said...

congratulations!! I love that you're an Expedit fan, I had a few myself until recently when they all decided to fall apart at the same time!

Stephanie Loudmouth said...

Oh I know, I saw that Steven Spielberg photo -- hilarious! Your home is beautiful. I can't believe it's an apartment, it looks huge! I especially love the bookshelves, sigh. I can't wait for B and I to get our own place. I'm so proud of you for all of your accomplishments!

Nnenna said...

Oh wow, it looks so nice! Of course I'm dying over how much space you have ;) Well done on getting set up in your new place so quickly!

204 Park said...

Awesome pics and congrats on the move! I love that little corgi print too - little touches like that add such personality :) XO, D

Lubka Henry said...

Very cozy home setup. I'm absolutely admiring your feature wall with the diplomas :)

Lu |

Elle Sees said...

loved seeing your place!!! and i still CANNOT with the steven spielberg thing. makes me embarrassed to be an american.

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This is lovely, I'm happy to hear that thing sare going well with you and your career. Isn't it funny how things work out. Your new place looks so cosy.

Michelle said...

wow! such a great place to live, so cozy! :)