Monday, November 17, 2014


I was really proud of myself the day I snapped these photos (which was a few weeks ago before we got hit with snow...pre-Halloween actually. I'm terrible at a quick turnaround on photos). It was a weekend but I was super disciplined and got up early, worked on my new article project for a few hours, did some yoga, ran around all over town getting all the pieces of my Halloween costume, drove the car for the very first time all by myself, and then came home and made a delicious vegetarian lasagna which is basically my lunch at work for the next two weeks now. So yeah, I basically accomplished more on this Saturday than I had in the entire last week. Go me!

pants: H&M / jacket: F21 / shirt: Target / necklace: Target / boots: Steve Madden / sunglasses: Aldo


Cee said...

Sometimes all it takes is one good day to make up for a whole month of procrastination - or at least that's what I tell myself ;) I love these boots every time I see them. Those studded toes are just too fabulous!

Closet Fashionista said...

Woohoo for productive Saturdays! Ha ha :D Love that jacket, the leather sleeves are totally you

LyddieGal said...

Ohhh loving the texture on this shirt! And you look quite sleek in those pants.

A day when I am that productive comes once in a blue moon, but I wish it would happen more often. Congrats on your first solo trip. When I first started driving I didn't think there would ever be a time when I'd want to drive alone, and now I don't mind it, even kinda like it, especially when I have the inclination to sing along to the radio loudly and horribly off key.

Veronika Novotny said...

Love a good and productive Saturday. That was me last night: caught up on work emails, cleaned, planted shrubs, put lights on them and then made a vegetarian bean chili for the week! So unlike me, but felt so great! ;) And this outfit is so fab, all the stud accents are divine and so is that statement necklace!! xo

Unknown said...

I love the jacket! well the whole look really its all great!

Life is just Rosie

Annie L said...

Perfect outfit for a productive Saturday. Love the leather and that jacket!
xo Annie
New England Romance

204 Park said...

Gotta love those productive days! I LOVE that top too! Xo, D

Claire said...

So military chic!

God bless,
xo, Claire

welldressedmaker said...

Holy crap that really was a productive day!!!! And now I'm craving veggie lasagna! I really love the composition of this outfit. All the elements an textures work so great together!

Unknown said...

I love those days, when I end up being very productive. They are rare, but they do happen once in a while. :) Love your outfit. Those pants are gorgeous.

Fabulous 30s

Unknown said...

I love the mix of girly and edgy in this look!

....and that veggie lasagna sounds amazing :)

Lauren | Disco Daydream

Whitney and Blaire said...

Love the zipper detail on that sweater, and those leggings are fabulous. Have a great weekend!
xo, Whitney and Blaire
Peaches In A Pod

alice said...

I love your leggings!

The Velvet Black // UK Style & Beauty Blog