Friday, February 27, 2015

All the Frills: House Upgrades

So I’ve been doing some work on my house. The next big planned project is painting but, in the interim, I installed some new light fixtures and also painted our fireplace. I always really disliked the tile that was around it and am super happy with how the job turned out!


In progress

In progress

The finished product

Old chandelier

New chandelier

New chandelier

New pendant lighting in the kitchen

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Closet Fashionista said...

Yayy!! Looking so good! I can't wait until I have a house of my own to decorate. It's not the same when you live with boys who are messy...

Unknown said...

Lovely chandelier, it looks so cool :D xxx Check out my new blog post! I'm in need of some followers, thank you! X

welldressedmaker said...

I really LOVE all the work you've done to your home so far! The fireplace, man-- it looks so great! I am gonna be stealing your modular bookshelf decoration when I get my own place!

Cee said...

I love what you did with your fire place - hell, I love that you have a fireplace. I have dreams of a home with a fireplace. It doesn't have to work. It just has to be in my home. One day ;)

Eli said...

The before picture of the fireplace makes me shudder because that's what we had too. Our apt is from 1900 and someone had the bright idea to tile the fireplace with ugly 80's beige tile!! I painted it white because it was driving me bonkers!

Darcy said...

Yay it looks so good! Love the new chandelier!