Thursday, March 26, 2015

Winter Style

I picked up this jacket at Winners for a super low price and was originally thinking that I’d mostly just wear as a more formal winter jacket for “fancier” occasions but I’ve discovered that it’s very warm and also very comfortable and so I’ve been getting much more wear out of it than I ever thought it would. As someone who loves winter weather and winter fashion, I own about 10 different winter jackets and this one has definitely been a welcome addition to my collection.

jacket: Winners / boots: Aldo


awhite said...

I love this jacket- adds polish to any look, and I bet it keeps you cozy! :)

Le Stylo Rouge

Closet Fashionista said...

Love that coat! it's a great length and definitely looks nice and cozy!

Cee said...

A good classic black coat is hard to find. I've had lots over the years but none that ever really felt like "the one" - at least until recently. It looks like this one might be your one - it suits you perfectly!

By Way of Berlin said...

Coats are now a distant memory for me and I have to say I'm kind of sad about it. I love your coat and how classic its style is- definitely something I would go for.

xx Nina

Darcy said...

Great coat to have in your collection!!