Wednesday, April 8, 2015


After several months of hard work, I finally finished a first draft of my most recent article project on elite women and anger in early modern England.

And, trust me, it’s got a lot of fun snippets of early modern gentlewomen being generally snippy and mean, surrounded by some rigorous analysis of the intersection of historicized understandings of anger and its expression with things like the gender and social hierarchy of the period.

But the fun part is, of course, the ladies being catty. Here’s a little snippet of that. This is the Countess of Bath writing to a Master Savage and engaging in a little clever word play: “when I remember your name Savage I ffind it not moch dissenting from your natural disposition. For indede if I might so grossly terme it. this beastly blessinge of yours declare you to be more savage or brutish than discrete or reasonable in so cruelly cursinge me yt never harmyd you. ye shall haue no great cause to pleasure in your so doyng and in malisynge me ye feel your owne harme for none can ye do to me and then are ye in worse case than the serpent for the serpent kepithe his poyson without his owen perill and so cannot the malicious man which hurtithe himself most with his owne malice or poison.”

But enough of that and on to the outfit! I have an affinity for plaids, as you've no doubt noticed, so there was no way I could say "no" to this jumper.

jumper: ASOS / boots: Aldo / necklace: Express / purse: H&M / jacket: H&M


Unknown said...

That's a cool coat

Cee said...

I love the cattiness in that letter! It's really interesting to see women expressing themselves so clearly historically, when our current culture is so enamoured with the concept of women being "nice."

Love your dress!


Closet Fashionista said...

Oh old writings, haha....its fun reading stuff like that.
You always look so good in plaid!

LyddieGal said...

Glad your project is going well! The countess was pretty clever with her insults.

I've been pretty obsessed with all things plaid as well as of late - this dress is fabulous.
Chic on the Cheap

Kelsey Bang said...

I love your plaid dress! such an awesome outfit!

awhite said...

Congrats on finishing the draft, babe! Great news! And that Countess reminds me a little of my grandmother- she could cut you down without raising her voice. The woman used her words like a sword and it was BRILLIANT to watch, ha!

Le Stylo Rouge

welldressedmaker said...

hooray!!! good on you! I hope you rewarded yourself with a few (or a lot) of celebratory dranks.

welovefur said...

I love your blog. I hope you will like mine