Friday, April 22, 2016

All the Frills: Damn, I Own a Giant Crocodile Skull...

So I recently turned 36 (someone please tell me I tell me I don’t look it!!!). And because I am a crazy person with incredibly strange taste, my helpmeet purchased me with insane giant gold and black crocodile skull.

And it’s really huge.

When I first saw it in a shop, I thought to myself, “that looks like something Marie Antoinette would own” and I stick by that. It’s the sort of thing that I’ve coveted for a while but would never, ever actually buy for myself (I mean, it’s something Marie Antoinette would buy…there’s a life lesson in there somewhere).

That makes it the perfect gift. It was made even then impossibly more perfect because my helpmeet also got me a few books I’d been asking for and set up all the presents in a scavenger hunt around our house, complete with adorable rhyming hints and everything. So, yeah, my 36th birthday was a pretty memorable one!

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E said...

That thing is rad. I would love to have a badass piece like that in my home.

District of Chic

Closet Fashionista said...

It's so cool!! Definitely a showpiece! :D
And don't worry, you don't look 36 AT ALL.

Cee said...

This definitely looks like something Marie Antoinette would have owned - just because it's so over the top, which makes it all that much more amazing. My interest in completing the project of decorating our home seems to come and go, but every time you do a post about the interior of your space I think to myself that I should really get moving on this project!