Tuesday, May 17, 2016

Decisions, Decisions

I’m on the fence about this shirt. I don’t wear it very frequently but I do genuinely like it and feel good in it….decisions, totally unimportant decisions…

Making decisions is further complicated this week because I am just totally drained after my week away at a training course in university management last week. It was all kinds of intense. A solid week of 8 am to 8 pm days, sessions after session on administrative law, fair process, budgeting, duty to accommodate, good governance practices, etc - not to mention the breakout group work sessions (I spent 4 hours in a small room with strangers doing an incredibly complex budgeting exercise before we had to present to our group of 70). It was nutty and I am still exhausted and recovering.

shirt: Sheinside / pants: H&M / necklace: Aldo


awhite said...

I love this top, lady- great color blocking, too.
And sounds like you need a little break after that training- yikes!

Le Stylo Rouge

Closet Fashionista said...

Woof, that sounds like a busy week! And I know what you mean about feeling the need to get rid of things and not being able to part with it. I have some stuff like that that I rarely wear but still like. The struggle!

Chanel said...

I love your outfit and the back of your top! I hope you had some time to relax and unwind!

Je M'appelle Chanel

Cee said...

That sounds like a hell of a week - and budgeting exercises, seriously my worst nightmare, I can't imagine how you had the stamina to work through it for four solid hours and then present! It's no wonder you're in no frame of mind to make sartorial decisions ;)

Elle Sees said...

i really like the top--and how it's black on the back..like a party in the back and business up front!

Lorena said...

Budgeting... ouch.
I try not to make important decisions when I am overwhelmed :)