Saturday, July 30, 2016

All the Frills: Antlers, Antlers, and More Antlers

Turns out I have a bit of a thing for antlers. I think, aside from all the history books, antlers are probably the unifying decorating theme of my house. I’m amassing a pretty good collection.

Weekend Reading:


Cee said...

It's funny how decor themes seem to come together almost unintentionally. For me, it's candles. I'm not even a candle person - I never buy them for myself, but somehow they keep appearing and now I have them in every room in my house.

LyddieGal said...

Arrested development was so damn funny, and I love the upside down cat drinking from the sink.

Annie L said...

I am so obsessed with your antler collection! My apartment is still a bit sparse, and I'd love one of those mounted on the wall!
xo Annie
New England Romance

Lorena said...

My fave is the silver toned one over the tv - and you're the first person I "know" that has antlers at home. So cool.
If I have a theme repeat at home, its probably.. just old stuff, antiques. Phones, cameras, pharmacy bottles... just everywhere. Even the bathroom.