Tuesday, July 12, 2016

On the Fence

I’m sort of on the fence with this dress. It was an impulse buy. I thought the print was really pretty but I’m just not sure it’s “me.” I wore it recently to go have cocktails in a very fancy hotel bar at Edmonton’s Hotel MacDonald and felt a bit off. I’ll give it another try before I make a final decision. I think the look on my face sort of sums it all up though....I think it's doing very strange and not good things to my chest (always a challenge for me).

dress: Sears / shoes: Arturo Chiang / necklace: Jenners


Closet Fashionista said...

1. LOVE the shoes!
2. Hmmm, I do think its a very pretty dress and I love the print, but I agree that it doesn't SCREAM you.

Cee said...

Oh impulse buys. This dress is really fun and I can't totally see what it was about it that appealed to you when it was on the hanger... but admittedly, it isn't the kind of print that would come to mind when I think of your style. But sometimes it's good to get out of your comfort zone!

Lorena said...

I think it was great that you looked outside your comfort zone. Sometimes while in stores I will take something with me into the dressing room that looks like something I would never wear.. and I try it on just to see. Sometimes I can be surprised.
In this case, I do like the print but I agree with you, it does something not very flattering to the chest area.

awhite said...

Sometimes you have to wear + re-work a piece a few times to see if it's a really a good fit for the wardrobe, I hear you. But I'm loving this moody tropical print!

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Carmen Varner said...

I love love love this dress as well as the sandals. They look amazing together too. Sometimes we have to dip our toes outside of our comfort zone to see who we really are. I really love the dress! :]

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LyddieGal said...

I hate it when an impulse buy that seems so good in the moment seems so bad after. I call it dressing room goggles. Of course I LOVE the idea of a palm print maxi, and finding one in a darker color pallet makes it perfect for you - however that bust line isn't working. I might suggest adding a wide belt to better define your waist?
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