Friday, September 23, 2016

All the Frills: Cuff Collection

I love a good cuff (I’m also amassing a pretty good collection of them at this point).

Weekend Reading:


Cee said...

Okay, I cracked up at the article about dressing stupid to get the attention of fashion bloggers - but only because I thought so many of those things so often. And that cuff is awesome - I'm not much of a cuff girl myself, but I do appreciate a good one when I see it.

Closet Fashionista said...

Ooh that one is so cool!! I have a few cuffs but I never wear them (or bracelets) haha...I'm so lazy!

Lorena said...

I love cuffs too, this one is quite spectacular. On the downside they don´t tend to fit me well as my wrists are those of a 5 year old.
Oh, loved reading the "experiment" of being a blogger for LFW - had a good laugh.

Annie L said...

1. I love that cuff. 2. That article about dressing up for London Fashion week is pretty hilarious!
Happy Sunday!
xo Annie
New England Romance