Monday, October 10, 2016

Product Review: Hair Straightening Brush

So I have some of the most problematic hair in the league. I have a fair amount of it, but it’s incredibly fine in texture which means it tangles very easily, I always have a ton of fly aways, and it usually just looks not all that great.

When I style it, I opt for either putting some large random curls in it (mostly just to give it shape and the illusion of thickness) or using a straightener to just embrace its naturally straight nature. But I find the hair straightener usually leaves weird kinks or somehow tangles it.

So, when Irresistible Me gave me the opportunity to try out their Jade Hair Straightening Cermaic-Tourmalene Brush, I was seriously all over it. My brush, which is a gorgeous green colour (I know that’s not at all important, but I really do love the colour) arrived in the mail and I took it out for a spin.

Overall, I was really impressed with this hair straightening brush. It worked much better than the straightener I usually use – it straightened my hair very well and I didn’t wind up with the kinks and tangles that I usually get. My one and only criticism (and it’s a pretty small one) is that the temperature control and on/off button are located in the space where I typically grip a brush as I use it, so I kept accidentally adjusting the temperature as I used it. But that’s just me holding a brush like a doofus.

Overall, I definitely loved this brush and I am glad to have it in my arsenal of styling tools!

It has arrived!

I seriously love the colour....

It's surprisingly light weight

The wide "bristles" helped a lot in preventing tangles

The "before" shot - plenty of fly aways

In progress

the finished product


Closet Fashionista said...

So fun! I love that it's a brush instead of a regular straightener.

Lorena said...

This is something I'd try - I am terrible and styling my hair. I have very little hair and super thin... so anything to make it presentable is accepted.

Unknown said...

Interesting! My hair is super curly so I'm not sure how much this would help, but I've seen it everywhere! Thanks for the review!

Cee said...

You pretty much described my hair in a nutshell. It's fine, but I have tons of it, which means flyaway galore and a constant look of frizziness, no matter what I do. I don't straighten it much as a result - it just doesn't seem worth the effort, at least curls are supposed to be sort of frizzy - but I am intrigued by this brush, I admit. I've tried a few others in the past with mixed results, but I'm always open to new things.

awhite said...

I love tools that combine steps- yesss! Glad this worked for you- your hair looks so pretty!

Le Stylo Rouge

Annie L said...

Your hair looks fabulous! That seems so easy. And loveee your Halloween decorations in your previous post.
xo Annie
New England Romance

Lauren {By Lauren M} said...

I have never heard of a straightening brush before, but this sounds awesome! Your hair looks fab!

Fizz and Frosting