Tuesday, April 25, 2017

What Is Happening With Florals and Me?

I recently mentioned here that I’ve somehow managed to acquired an oddly significant number of floral patterned things. I mean not odd in general but odd for me as, as I’ve commented in other posts, I’m not really much of a florals person – but I can definitely get on board with a black and grey floral print.

leggings: ASOS / dress: F21 / necklace: Aldo


Cee said...

I am the furthest thing for a florals person, but I admit that every once in a while, I do see a black and white or black and grey floral that really makes me reconsider - and this dress definitely has one of those prints! Sometimes you just have to go with whatever weird mood you're in. I was all about pink last month. I'm mostly over it now, but it just seemed to make sense to ride the wave :P

Closet Fashionista said...

Ooh yes! Another great one! That's like me saying I didn't like prints and then a couple years later my closet is full of them. So funny

Marcia B. said...

Looking great, the florals look nice on you, tis the season!

Ramona said...

maybe it's spring. let's blame spring ;) I don't mind a pretty floral and for me it's all about the colors and style. And sometimes it's very refreshing and kind of inspiring to try something new.


Lorena said...

Its like falling for something unconsciously and then realising you have multiples in your closet and yet ... you have no idea how it happened !
I think it looks great and I like the pictures, its like you are holding your head just wondering where all these prints came from.

Elle Sees said...

I am obsessed with this dress! Loving the dark florals and subtle 90s vibe too!

Unknown said...

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