Wednesday, May 10, 2017

Feeling Nostalgic

Worn to meet a former colleague when I was teaching history at a local university…so basically a chance for me to get nostalgic about my days as a professor, before I started up with administration. And while I don’t regret my career choices, I mean the stability and job security have been great, I do look back with fondness at my time in the classroom too. But I really feel as though getting this book published is sort of my way of closing the figurative book on that chapter of my life – shifting my focus from conference papers and researching and drafting articles to family, travel, my coming soon daughter, and the challenging career I really do enjoy. But, for all that, I think I'll always likely have the odd pang of nostalgia or longing for what was...

dress: F21 / leggings: Thyme Maternity / jacket: Sears / necklace: Stella and Dot


Lorena said...

I would probably be nostalgic too. I am on the process of getting my paperwork done to actually start teaching in a university.

awhite said...

I totally get the nostalgia- I have that at times when I think of my old gig, also.

Olive green + black is one of my fave color combos, so I'm loving this. :)

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Unknown said...

Beautiful :)

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Cee said...

Oh gosh, the idea of teaching in a university must seem so appealing in some ways after all the work you did to get qualified to do it... but at the same time, knowing what I know about being a professor and the instability/limited pay, I totally understand the choice you made!