Wednesday, June 28, 2017

Hobbit Feet

At the time when these photos were taken, it had recently become apparent to me that my feet were starting to swell and I could no longer wear the majority of my shoes because it was just too uncomfortable. That included the pair that I’m wearing in these photos, unfortunately; they were my go to black flats. Sigh.

flats: Aldo / leggings: ASOS Maternity / t-shirt: Old Navy / blazer: Simons / necklace: Target / sunglasses: Aldo


Closet Fashionista said...

Your pregnancy style was just too good! Never waivered from your personal style. I hope I'm the same way, haha.

Cee said...

Here's hoping that your feet are now getting back to a normal size and you can wear your full shoe collection again, because you have some great pairs - plus I'm pretty sure swelling in your feet would just be the worst.

awhite said...

I have those flats- I know exactly what you love 'em! My friends who have been pregnant have complained about their feet swelling toward the end of their pregnancies and how uncomfortable it can make shoes! Hopefully now that the baby has arrived, the swelling will go down. :)

Le Stylo Rouge

Lydia said...

Yes, I love that you never wavered from your style throughout your pregnancy, and I do hope your feet have since returned to normal size - no one should be deprived of their favorite shoes!