Tuesday, September 19, 2017

Sticking To My Guns

So, as hot and uncomfortable as I got towards the end of my pregnancy, when the heat of June and July hit, I never totally abandoned my love of all black. I could never bring myself to do that – sometimes you need to stick to your guns.

tunic: Zara / leggings: Thyme Maternity / shoes: Toms


Closet Fashionista said...

Can't give up on all black when you're so close to the end ;) I love those bracelets

Lydia said...

I recently heard that black is actually supposed to keep you cooler. I really don't know if that is true. Honestly, when it's hot, it's hot no matter what you wear, so you may as well wear what you love!

Cee said...

I'm going to have to agree with Lydia. When it's hot out, I never really find I'm that much cooler in a white dress than a black one - so if you're going to get dressed, it might as well be in things you love. Certain temperatures just aren't comfortable, no matter what.