Wednesday, October 25, 2017

The Day My Feet Officially Returned

When I took these photos I was fixated on the fact it just felt soooo amazing that the swelling in my feet finally subsided enough after the C section for me to wear both an open toed shoe and a small heel! It was a pretty happy day.

leggings: Target / tank top: Joe Fresh / shoes: ASOS / cardigan: ModCloth / necklace: Oak and Fort


Closet Fashionista said...

Love this outfit! Those sandals look so sleek, yay for your feet letting you wear them again! Ha ha

Lorena said...

Those are some pretty cool mules and you know I am a fan of that cardi.

Cee said...

The return of your feet is most definitely a day worth celebrating - and I love the mules you chose to wear for that celebration, they're perfectly simple and stylish.

awhite said...

Yay! That must've been a huuuuge relief to have your feet return to normal. The slides are so chic, too!

Le Stylo Rouge

Falasha said...

Aww, glad you are feeling better and the swelling went down. I didnt have any swollen feet but I can imagine how bad that would be. You look great.

xoxo Falasha
Bite My Fashion

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Lydia said...

Yay for being reunited with cute shoes, and for your always awesome cardigan!
Chic on the Cheap