Friday, November 3, 2017

All the Frills: Halloweenies!

So this is the first year in a VERY long time that I didn’t do an elaborate Halloween costume to hit the town in. Just too much going on with baby. But that doesn’t mean I didn’t dress Eleanor up as an adorable little cat (and ensured I matched) and decorated the house for Halloween. It is my favourite time of year after all.

Weekend Reading:

If I’m still doing as much baby wearing next year as I am now, I will definitely be trying one of these Halloween costumes.

I’m glad the Library of Congress confirms what I’ve known ever since my first month of landing at Yale.

Guys, these are dark days. And the world needs heroes.

The world definitely needs heroes.

Stuff like this just horrifies me and fills me with sadness.

KFC’s social media is clever. Very clever.


Closet Fashionista said...

Hehe! Even if you dindt get crazy dressed up you both look too cute! And the house looks nice and spooky!

E said...

I love all of your fun Halloween decorations! And your costumes are super cute, too!

District of Chic

Cee said...

Halloween is definitely not my holiday, but I could be convinced to change my tune if those adorable velvet cat boots came in adult sizes!

Lydia said...

You both look so cute! I would love to see you try one of those baby wearing costumes next year. A few were just amazing.

And ugh. to think there are parents like that in this world. just disgusting.

Lorena said...

Awwww so very cute !!! and wow that cow web like table cloth is so cool.