Friday, December 8, 2017

All the Frills: All the Magnets

Welcome, to my geeky curated fridge magnet collection! I’ve got Anna of Denmark, Elizabeth I, a Yale magnet in commemoration of my grad school days, a Holyroodhouse one (one of my favourite places in Edinburgh), a goofy shot of the helpmeet and I at the Edinburgh dungeon, and a lovely photo of some Salem witches rendered in magnet form. All carefully selected and carefully arranged…because I’m funny that way.

Weekend Reading:



Amazing collection dear!
Mónica Sors

Cee said...

Your magnet collection is impressive! For years I was totally without magnets, aside from a nameplate magnet from my first office job - now that I mention it, I wonder where it wound up. Then a friend kindly had a set of magnets made for me featuring some of my favourite travel and life photos, and I admit that I think I have a pretty good collection these days.

Lorena said...

That's a lot of magnets ! I have like three and its of random things just to hold up paper.
I am awed I had not heard of Ms. Mann as I am an avid reader on all things WWII related.
The shifting marriage trends article was so interesting and eye opening...
and I LOVED the buying the castle ! Can you imagine ?! Wow - a few years ago I had two attempts at buying properties "in group". First time around 10 of us were going to pitch in and buy an apartment that we would then rent, but at the end we never did.
Another attempt was to buy a 1800s home in the historial center here
It was just three of us, at the end I never heard back and I decided to pull the plug and bought it.

Lydia said...

That is pretty cool they crowdfunded the purchase of a castle. I can't imagine how huge of an undertaking it will be to restore it.

While that is very creepy Bud acted so swiftly with their cease and desist, at least they did it in a way that gets this small brewery tons of attention, and that's good for them in the long run.