Tuesday, January 2, 2018

Thank God It's Not -34 Anymore!

So it was below -30 degrees here for basically the past week. I barely left the house. But now that more moderate temperatures have returned, I'm venturing outside again and enjoying it being winter jacket season. I have a minor jacket addiction and love that I live in a climate that makes having multiple fall and winter jackets a practical imperative.

leggings: ASOS / boots: Target / jacket: New Look


awhite said...

I cannot BELIEVE this cold- KC isn't -34, but we've been in the single digits with wind chills in the negative for what seems like forever and I'm soooo done.

Lovely coat, lady! Stay warm!

Le Stylo Rouge

Cee said...

This most recent cold snap has been utterly ridiculous. I don't think I left home at all between Boxing Day and New Year's because I couldn't think of a single thing important enough to justify freezing myself to that point. The temperatures here aren't much better now, we're still hovering around minus 20, but anything is better than minus 34 :P

JennaStevie said...

It's legit been the worst. I wanted to hibernate and so did the dog, but unfortunately for him the outdoors is his toilet. This week is much more tolerable for all of us.
Love the trim on your jacket!

Stevia said...

that sounds freezing! glad you can finally enjoy the season :)

The Sweetest Escape

Lorena said...

You look so classy in that jacket.
I do not know how you manage the cold, whenever I have its for short periods.
Here we're starting summer and we've had amazing weather (about 30)