Tuesday, October 30, 2018

Getting Back Into Dry Brushing

After my first two years in Connecticut, when the humidity (which I never, ever seemed to get used to) made my skin constantly dry and itchy and splotchy, I started using a dry brush for exfoliating purposes and to basically just “buff” myself. And it definitely worked like a charm.

When I moved back home to the prairies four years later, my dry skin woes were seemingly cured by the change in climate and so I forgo the body brush. I didn’t know much about the multiple benefits of body brushes at the time (here’s a good piece on those benefits, if you’re curious) and viewed it as only a dry skin problem solver; so when Canadian company Prana Brush invited me to try out their dry brush, I was pretty keen to be involved and get back into the habit of dry brushing.

The product is innovative among other dry brushes because it utilizes ion-charged copper bristles made from a high-quality alloy of copper and zinc, coupled with humanely sourced boar bristles, which have a whole host of benefits associated with them. I won’t hum on with all the details because Prana has a super informative website that covers them …

I’m now been using my Prana dry brush daily each morning (as they recommend) for a week and can honestly say I’ve loved the experience! My skin feels smooth and invigorated and making the five or so minutes it takes me to use it into part of my morning routine has been easy and actually offers a nice little morning energizer. I’m really happy I was given the opportunity to try out the dry brush and will definitely be keeping up with my usage from now on!

If you’re interested in trying out Prana’s dry brush, head to their website or find them on Instagram, Facebook, Twitter, and Pinterest with the handle @pranabrush and hashtag #pranabrush. Happy brushing!


Cee said...

This is really intriguing to me, as I struggle a lot with dry skin since we moved back to Winnipeg. I always did growing up, too - I basically spend all of fall and winter feeling itchy, and suffering from localised eczema - but then it was a fact of life. Now that I've been away from it for a decade, I am not readjusting as well as I'd hoped and I am on the hunt for a solution. Dry brushing sounds like it just might be what I'm looking for.

Lorena said...

I had never heard of dry brushing ! i am totally in awe.
Here its so humid i dont even apply body lotion ...

Closet Fashionista said...

I need to start dry brushing again too. I did so well for a couple years and then got so lazy, haha

Lydia said...

I've never tried dry brushing, but I don't find the humidity here bothers my skin that way. It just bothers everything else about life. I'm so sick of the humidity, and here we are, November 2nd, 95% humidity.

I'd be interested in fewer ingrown hairs, less cellulite, and more energy though!

Chic on the Cheap

JennaStevie said...

oOOOOO I should definitely try this out, my skin gets sooo dry in the winter. It's awful. Sounds awesome