Thursday, November 1, 2018

Now Winter Is Stressing Me Out?

Another day, another chance both to look slightly surly and wear this jacket that, in about a week I’m sure, it will be far too cold to wear. I am in full on bracing for winter mode. Now ordinarily I love the cold weather (seriously) and I am sure I will this year as well but it is definitely a bit harder to appreciate winter when you have a small child that you have to keep safe and warm. So now I’m extra paranoid about winter driving, about slipping on ice when I’m carrying Eleanor, about keeping her bundled up when we’re outdoors but also balancing that against not being able to fit her safely and securely in the car seat when she’s wearing a giant puffy coat and oh, hey, we’re back to stressing about winter driving. I really need to chill out about all this (see what I did there?)….

dress: Simons / coat: Joe Fresh / shoes: Cole Haan


Cee said...

Winter is no joke. I can totally understand where your stress is coming from, I can barely balance on ice when carrying groceries, never mind a small child... Here's hoping the snow holds off for a while yet.

awhite said...

It's totally understandable how winter is a different beast this year- there are a lot of potential risks that you haven't had to deal with before now that you have a little one. I'm sure once you guys get into the swing of winter, you'll feel better. :) Until then, looking so chic!

Le Stylo Rouge

Lorena said...

Oh wow.
I had never considered it but it is something else to be concerned about.
Sometimes i am not so aware of how the weather can affect everything I do, then again its not as limiting as snow and ice when we have a storm.

Mica said...

I love the moto jacket with the outfit - such a great topper piece!

It's shame it won't be warm enough for you to wear this over winter. I love my leather jackets in winter, but then again we don't get snow! It would be so hard having a kid when the roads are snowy and nto safe and you can't get outside to let them have a break from the house. And let yourself have a break from the house too! Hope the snow and ice isn't too bad this year for you.

Hope that you are having a good week and a nice start to November otherwise! :)

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Lydia said...

Oh no, I'm sorry winter has to stress you out now! I suppose you could just be one of those people who leaves the car running long enough so that the heat is full blast before you get in it and then won't have to put on the huge winter coat for the car ride, and if you think the roads are bad at all, then call out of work and daycare, it's not worth the stress!
Also, enjoy leather jacket while you can, leather jackets are always my favorite look!

JennaStevie said...

Winter stresses me out too, it's definitely coming on in full force today, goddamn! This velvet dress and leather jacket combo is bomb, love it.
Good luck with the snow!!