Sunday, August 25, 2019

Adventures With Eleanor

I took a week of vacation in late July/early August as Eleanor’s day home was closed – Eleanor and I spent the whole week having adventures and doing fun things, like visiting the university campus and my office there. She seemed confused as to why we were there…

leggings: Hue / shirt: Old Navy / shoes: Aldo / jacket: Simons


Closet Fashionista said...

Haha, when I was little I used to love going to visit my Grandma's work office when we didn't have school (it was usually part of Mom's errands in going to Costco and Drake's Cakes outlet) I bet when she's older she'll love visiting your work :p

Cee said...

This post gave me a laugh, because it reminded me of when we used to go visit my dad at work when we were kids. He was a bank manager, and thinking about how much freedom we were allowed in the bank when I look back, knowing how secure everything is now, seems kind of hilarious. Of course, the most interesting thing for us was the water cooler, not any of the money, but still :)

Mica said...

Love the leopard print and it sounds like such a fun week! :)

I like getting unexpected time off with the kids, although it doesn't happen often, it's nice to do things a little different from the norm!

Haven't taken my kids into the office for a while though, they don't really like that they can't run around there, haha!

Hope that you had a great weekend :) The weekday wear linkup is live on my blog, I'd love you to join! :)

Away From Blue

Lydia said...

Haha, I love that you took a week of vacation but still went into work! I'm sure Eleanor enjoyed her week with you!
Love that leopard print, so chic!
Chic on the Cheap

awhite said...

I'm sure Eleanor will soon get acquainted to university life, ha! Her little bucket hat is adorable!

Le Stylo Rouge

Lorena said...

This made me smile as it reminded me of visiting my grandma at work. It was a bank and all her colleagues would play with me. Now that I look at it, she could have easily been fired.