Friday, September 20, 2019

All the Frills: Is There Such A Thing As Too Many Rings?

I was organizing my jewelry box the other day and I’m starting to think I have entirely far too many rings … sigh.

Weekend Reading:


Mica said...

Your rings are all so beautiful! I love the YSL one, I remember looking at them often on net a porter, haha!

Unfortunately I can't wear any rings when I have a eczema flare up, even my wedding rings, so my hands are bare most of the time :(

Hope that you have a lovely weekend ahead of you :)

Away From Blue

Lydia said...

No, of course you can't have too many rings! It's a stunning collection!
Chic on the Cheap

awhite said...

Short answer: NO.
Longer answer: Your collection is beautiful and varied and sooo gorg. And you can never have enough.

The link to that woman who left her country after her assault- WHAT. EVEN. I would say it's shocking (and it should be), but the reality is that this sort of thing is happening more and more and it's so disturbing.

Le Stylo Rouge

Cee said...

Is there really such thing as having too many rings? I'm inclined to say no, personally. And looking at your collection specifically, I definitely have to say no, because what a stunning and varied collection! I vote you continue to add to it ;)