Friday, October 18, 2019

It's Finally Fall!

It’s fall, it’s fall, it’s finally fall! My favourite time of year has returned and I am loving it! Do you get abnormally excited for any season?

leggings: Simons / top: Old Navy / Scarf: Fraas / shoes: Aldo / jacket: Winners / necklace: Monserrat de Lucca


Closet Fashionista said...

I love Fall too, the smells, the leaves, ahhh!!!
Loving the textures and layering in this look!

Lorena said...

I am reading that everyone is super excited about fall - in the meantime we're transitioning from rainy season to summer.
I personally love rainy season as its all green and lush.

Veronika Novotny said...

You look sooo fabulous!! Love this outfit to bits - so cool & stylish. As for seasons?!! I think it's pretty obvious that I'm an autumnal nerd. Can't stop, won't stop!!! xo (life + style blog)

Minau said...

Nice all black look!

Cee said...

I'm pretty sure the fact that I get abnormally excited for any season that doesn't require me to wear a coat is well-documented at this point ;) I'm already counting down to when spring comes again, although I admit that on a sunny day, I don't hate fall - I just hate that it's the season that comes right before winter ;) I do love a good fall look and this definitely falls into that category. In fact, I wore something very similar just the other day - but that probably just makes me biased!