Friday, April 3, 2020

All the Frills: Renaissance Ring

I was gifted this amazing Swarovski ring for Festivus and I am just obsessed with it. I feel like a member of the Medici family in it, and of course it has a secret compartment that’s filled with poison so that I can eliminate my rivals.

Weekend Reading:

  • While I disagree with this person’s sentiments on Brett Kavanaugh, that’s okay because that, of course, in no way diminishes her feminist sensibilities – and this is a really good piece about embracing the complexities of difficult women and aspects of feminism.
  • Why are people so disgusting?
  • I love discoveries like this!
  • These paper wigs are mesmerizing.


Closet Fashionista said...

Such a cool ring!!! I do love a secret compartment, haha

Mica said...

What an awesome statement ring! it's such a fun piece and looks great worn! :)

Hope that you had a lovely weekend :) We all stayed home and stayed safe of course.

Away From Blue

Cee said...

That ring is beyond stunning - what an incredible statement piece for your collection!

Lydia said...

What a fabulous ring, everyone needs to be able to quickly dispense poison for their rivals.

Love the story about the secret passageway, those paper wigs are truly splendid, and the story about the 11 year old girl makes me lose faith in humanity.

Lorena said...

Ha a ring with a purpose! What a great addition to your collection.