Tuesday, April 28, 2020

I Really Can't Complain ... But That's Never Stopped Me

What day is it even? Seriously, the time is bleeding all together for me – despite sticking to a semi-normal schedule as I work from home. Meanwhile, the state of my hair continues to decline. All that said, I am fully aware that I have no right to actually complain about anything – we’re all healthy (as are family and friends) and all still working and that’s incredibly significant right now. How are you all doing?

leggings: ASOS / shirt: the Bay / jacket: Simons / boots: Aldo


Closet Fashionista said...

Yep, same here, everyone is healthy but it's definitely getting old staying home all the time and not being able to get my monthly "beauty" treatments, haha! But I will do it for 6 more months if we have to! I'd rather be "bored" than unsafe.

awhite said...

Haha, my hair could use some fresh color and a chop, for sure. We're lucky, too- everyone is healthy + jobs are intact- but it's definitely a trying time. I get outside as much as possible on nice days to combat the cabin fever!

Le Stylo Rouge

saTanja said...

I can't really complain either, just being a bit of lonely and confused, definitely not knowing what day it is either ;)


Cee said...

Much like you, I really can't complain, but that's never stopped me. We're healthy and able to work and, in Manitoba, reasonably well-protected due to the very late arrival/early containment of the virus. But the state of my hair... sigh.

Lorena said...

I dont even want to think of my hair. Haha it's half white, while I could color it, I am just letting it take a break.
Like you say we should not complaint, as quarantine is not the same for everyone.