Thursday, April 16, 2020

Long Drives

Worn to venture out for a long drive and bit of a walk while on lock down. One needs to preserve one’s sanity after all…

dress: Old Navy / sweater: Dynamite / boots: Aldo / necklace: Stella and Dot


Makeup Muddle said...

I love your boots! I am still wearing my boots, and feel like the only one :D xo

Makeup Muddle

Mica said...

I like the navy and black together! :) It's good you can get out the house for a long drive, the police are fining people here if they go too far from home even if it's for exercise. We have been walking the dogs around the neighbourhood a lot :)

Hope that you are having a nice weekend :) It's a rainy day here - perfect for continuing to isolate at home!

Away From Blue

Lydia said...

I do agree, getting out for walks are one of the few things helping me right now, especially when I get to take one of my favorite dogs who lives in New Haven near Edgewood Park.

Keep as much of your sanity as you can!

Cee said...

It's so interesting to me that walks have been preserving sanity for many people, because I live in a crowded, overpopulated neighbourhood where, it seems, most people aren't understanding social distancing and how it works, so walks are something that I find really stressful - in the past week, I've had someone deliberating run into me with a grocery cart and someone else (perhaps less deliberating) cough on me. So my sanity fares best when I stay indoors :P

awhite said...

I'm right there with ya- long walks/drives are an essential pastime right now. You look super chic and cozy!

Le Stylo Rouge