Wednesday, May 27, 2020

Day Home Drop Off

Temperatures here are finally approaching something that resembles summer – which means I can ditch warmer coats and sweaters (not to mention boots) for t-shirts, lightweight faux leather jackets, and sneakers. Welcome to my new favourite outfit for dropping off Eleanor at her day home in.

pants: Old Navy / jacket: YMI / shoes: Aldo / t-shirt: Banana Republic


Closet Fashionista said...

Yep, we went from cold cold cold to mostly warm or rainy, haha. Spring doesnt exist anymore.
Always love a nice simple look1

Mica said...

Love the monochrome black and that is a great jacket! :)

It's nice your daughter can go back to care - the kids went back to school the other week and I can be so much more productive working from home now! I miss them but it's good for them to get some focused attention, I felt guilty trying to work while they were at home!

Hope you are having a lovely week :)

Away From Blue

Jo Rashi said...

Love this black all-black look on you... you look pretty dear :-)
Beauty and fashion/Rampdiary

Cee said...

This outfit looks very similar to what I've been wearing for, well, most of quarantine - as I think many of us can say ;) But you know what, it works, and why mess with success?xox,

In a City Night said...

Love how you styled that jacket! I've been longing for warmer weather but keep getting stuck with mostly humid or rainy days, so t-shirts and lightweight layers have been my go-to's as well.


Shaira Manalo said...

It's nice to know that it's getting warmer each day! You can finally prioritize your summer pieces and dresses! :)


awhite said...

You look like a BOSS in this leather jacket!

Le Stylo Rouge

INXSKY Minimalist Jewelry said...

Love this all black ensemble!
The leather jacket looks amazing!

Gold Necklaces for Layering