Friday, September 25, 2020

All the Frills: Poppy Barley Shoes

I have long coveted a pair of Poppy Barley shoes and recently I took the plunge and ordered these stunning flats. They are both easily the most expensive shoes I own, and the most comfortable. I really, really hope another pair is in my future.


Weekend Reading:
  • As someone who has acquired four caftans since March, this resonates

  • I had to practically beg for a dose of morphine on my third night in the hospital post C-section, so I related to this. Our medical system needs to do so much work when it comes to postpartum recovery

  • These recreations of tarot cards by a Haitian artists’ collective are breathtaking

  • I have an incredibly strong aversion to gender reveals

  • Obviously the passing of the indomitable RBG was a pretty shattering event. What happens over the next few months might be even more so.


Haddock said...

Flats are anytime better than heels.

Closet Fashionista said...

I love the rounded pointed toe! So great for elongating but not making your feet look huge, haha!

Anonymous said...

These flats look great: comfy and elegant!

Lydia said...

The shoes are gorgeous, and there are so many more tempting styles at Poppy Barley so I hope you get to grow your collection soon!

Oh the house dress. This is nothing new to me, though usually I opt for a sleeveless swing dress in whatever fabric is impervious to wrinkles. While I have a few, I tend to just wear the same one over and over, washing when I occasionally think about how long it's been since it was last washed...

Gender reveals are the worst. How about, just wait, and when the baby is born, it will be a super dramatic gender reveal. And then you get to think of names for both, and won't end up with a huge pile of pink or blue at your shower; people will be forced to shop outside gender stereotypes. Sounds pretty good to me.

Cee said...

For most things in fashion, I won't advocate paying top dollar. Sweaters pill, blouses get stained, jeans tear. But shoes. For shoes, paying a little more can make such an immense difference to how comfortable your feet are and it really is worth it. These flats are beautiful, and I do hope there is another pair in your future!