Friday, October 30, 2020

All the Frills: It's the High Holidays For Me

Well, it’s Halloween. My absolute favourite time of the year! Obviously, my house is fully decorated and several parents in my community are organizing a little outdoor Halloween parade so the kids can show off their costumes, so we’ll be taking Eleanor to that and will possibly stop at a few houses that look like they have socially distant trick or treating stations set up. One of my cohort friends is organizing a small (fewer than 10 of us) get-together (everyone in a mask and making sure people stand/sit an appropriate distance apart). So, I will get a chance to wear a costume this year (I’ve got a Medusa one that I’m very excited about) and, while it’s not Halloween as I’m used to it (is anything the way we’re used to anymore?), I’m still excited.


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Closet Fashionista said...

Everything looks so good!!!
Glad you'll be able to partially celebrate the holiday! Better than nothing!
We were going to have a big party this year (our first ever in the house. Bought decorations last year on clearance and everything, haha. Now it has to wait until next year....SADDDD)

Mica said...

Your decorations look so fun! It's nice seeing how all the Americans get so into Halloween and decorate so well for it. It's not really a thing here in Australia - although I have seen a few people in the mums groups on facebook saying that as the government has announced trick or treating is allowed they will try it this year, haha! It's not something you usually see though, Christmas is a much bigger celebration and decoration season for us :)

Hope that you are having a lovely weekend :)

Away From Blue

Cee said...

I'm glad you still got to find ways to celebrate your favourite holiday, even if it didn't go the way it normally would - at this point, I feel like getting to do anything at all, even if it's not the way it was last year, is still a victory.

Diana said...

Love your idea! And your post is amazing

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