Wednesday, October 28, 2020

Lighting Woes

It’s staying dark in the morning much longer these days, and the sun is setting earlier, which means it’s time for my annual lighting woes. Guess I better get my ring light out of storage. And move that Lego Millennium Falcon box. And maybe put shoes on next time for photos (the product of not actually having the leave the house to go to work, I am more or less in a constant state of shoe-lessness these days).
tunic: Simons / leggings: Old Navy / necklace: The Bay 

Feature: This timeline of Blackness, immobility, and visibility in Europe 1600-1800 is an amazing resource – if I were actually still teaching European history this would 100% be on my syllabus.


Closet Fashionista said...

At least you're doing better than me getting dressed. I'm still in pjs most days, ha ha.
Very jealous of the LEGO Falcon

Cee said...

Seriously though, who is wearing shoes these days? If I'm not going to the grocery store, I'm in slippers. I'm starting to think I need a collection, considering just how often I wear them! I feel you about the lighting problems. It's dark when I wake up and dark by the time I finish work, which leaves little time with daylight to get anything accomplished...