Wednesday, December 16, 2020

Not the Winter I'm Used To

The stretch of weirdly moderate weather (not weird, just indicative of the climate crisis) we’ve been having continues so I’m basically temporarily back in all my spring/fall coats. It feels weird. Although a significant cold spell is now forecast so hopefully things will be back to normal weather-wise soon.
leggings: Hue / boots: Steve Madden / shirt: ASOS / jacket: Century 21 

Feature: I had to make an IKEA run recently and ran right into this glorious creation – it was actually its launch so the designer, Lance Cardinal (ᐊᐧᒐᐢᐠ (muskrat)), was on site chatting with people and walking them through his set piece and so I had a nice chat with him and toured the space and it was just amazing!


Closet Fashionista said...

I'll take the warmer weather while I can, haha! (although poo on climate change making it last longer, even if I like it!)

Cee said...

We are back to normal weather here - I can hear the snow plows outside as I type this, and my window sill is covered in a snow drift - so I'm sure is back on its way to you soon. As much as I hate climate change and find it worrying, I confess I love when unseasonably warm temperatures come our way and I get to wear lighter clothes for a little longer, particularly shoes. Spending eight months a year in furry boots is just dismal.