Wednesday, February 24, 2021

A Dash of Sparkle

I purchased a pair of rather ridiculous sparkly glasses and celebrated that excellent life decision by donning a dress and a necklace I basically never wear anymore (because I never leave my house) and having an online hangout with some friends. Basically things are going great over here – or at least that’s what I’m choosing to tell myself.
dress: BB Dakota / necklace: Target 

Feature:  This looks like an incredible Black owned beauty line.


Closet Fashionista said...

Love them!! Any excuse to "Dress up" these days is a good one in my book! Just gotta hold out a little longer and we can start getting more normal....too bad its not like flipping a switch and reverting back!

Mica said...

Those sparkly glasses are awesome on you and I like the statement necklace too! I really need to wear my similar statement necklaces more often, I agree they sometimes feel a bit too dressed up for day to day!

Hope that you are having a good weekend :)

Away From Blue

Cee said...

Okay - those sparkly glasses are definitely a life choice deserving of celebration! As for things being fine... that's what I'm choosing to tell myself, too. It works better some days than others.

Veronika Novotny said...

OMG, obsessed with your glasses - what a fabulous choice!! Just bought new reading glasses too, and went with something unexpected. Can't wait to rock them. Yay!! And enjoy your weekend, your plans sound perf. Big fan of getting cozy & reading / getting a break from computer life!! xo

My Curated Wardrobe

Lovely said...

You look fab! Your glasses are beautiful! Love the sparkles!

Lydia said...

Definitely love those glasses! Good for you for getting dressed up for a zoom meetup!