Friday, July 23, 2021

All the Frills: The Marble Shelf

Not content with adding some new décor pieces to our bedrooms, I recently did a little reordering of things in my main living area and creating a little display of my growing statuette and “marble” bust collection. I’m very pleased with the results – this remains my favourite little space in my house.

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Closet Fashionista said...

That one with the veil is always my favorite. It's amazing to think someone actually carved that out of marble back in the day...WHAT?!!!

Mica said...

It looks so lovely - such a nice statement wall! I particularly like that candle holder under the deer on the wall above - they are a beautiful pairing. I don't have any decor like this in my house but I do kinda want that candle holder, haha!

Hope you are having a good weekend! Was a busy one here, I volunteered at a fundraiser today.

Away From The Blue

Lovely said...

The marble bust décor pieces are so beautiful!

BH said...

I love that - I have to agree, makes me want to live in a castle too!!