Tuesday, February 8, 2011


I was just tagged by Bonnie from Glam Kitten's Litter Box to come up with my five current loves and to answer 5 questions about myself -- a few months ago I did an identical post so I thought it would be sort of interesting to see how my answers compare now. So here goes. This was how I last answered:

Five things I love right now:

Wedges (I'm amassing quite the collection)

Sequins (who doesn't love a little sparkle?)

Fluevog Boots (specifically the Griffith Park model. My reigning ambition in life right now is to someday own a pair of these. I know, I aim high)

Leopard Print (in all fairness I always love this, it’s not a new thing)

Cameos (I’m crazy for these lately, they’re just so elegant and classic)

Favorite makeup brand?

I actually have three and I can’t really pick a favorite because I get so many products from Avon, Almay, and MAC – I really like the quality of all these lines and they’re cruelty free (which is a priority for me).

Favorite clothing brand?

H&M, with Zara a really close second

Indispensable makeup product?

Wow, this is a tough one – I think I’ll have to go with Almay mascara, I always always always have it on hand and I never leave the house without a quick application

What country would like to visit and why?

I’m an English historian and so any chance I get to travel to England I jump on but two years ago I spent a week in Scotland and I fell in love. It’s my number one vacation destination and I have a secret (okay, it’s not secret anymore) desire to one day live there – the chilly northern climate, rocky landscape, incredibly rich history, and grey stone castles are just my ideal of scenic beauty. Plus I’m a huge bagpipes fan (seriously, I have an album by the Gordon Highlanders on my IPod. Scary, no?).

What is the last concert you've been to?

I’ve been to a few gigs at local Connecticut music spots like The Space and Café Nine in the last few months and on my recent trip to Canada I saw a friend’s band play but the show I want to mention here was seeing my awesome friend’s band This Is A Standoff perform in London and Brighton this past August. They are an amazingly talented Canadian punk band and just happened to be on a European tour while I was living in England this summer.

So what's different now? Well, actually, not that much. I'm still loving all the same things, although I think I would now add a classic camel trench and my orca hat to the things I love list.

Likewise, all my favorite brands are still my favorites, so there's not much new their either, and I still dream of returning to Scotland. The last show I went to has also changed - about a month ago I saw a band called Murdervan play in Branford, CT. So it's actually been kind of a boring few months. What I am looking forward to is seeing the amazing Canadian indie band Rural Alberta Advantage play in about a month at the Bowery Ballroom in NYC. That I'm seriously psyched for.


Laura said...

I would love to visit Scotland one day!

Anonymous said...

I would love to go to Scotland... hubby wants to golf there. Love cameos too. I always tend to go for wedges only because I'm a bit of a klutz! xo

Sick by Trend said...

you have a real cool taste! im folloqing! cool blog!

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Kavery said...

Well now I know there are albums of bagpipe music! Was clueless about that

Penny Dreadful said...

I do love Scotland. Mr D actually used to play the bagpipes! I know, PHWOAR.

blorange dice said...

dude, this post is jam packed with awesomeness!! i love the photos of the wedges and of the sequins. and i learned so much about you! haha. p.s. scotland and england are the bomb (:

jess said...

I love leopard and sequins. Good luck with your travels.

Pop Champagne said...

cameos are great, I love them! and sequins too :D fun picks!

StyleID said...

Scotland ... I love it!
the sequins, the platforms and leopard are my 'everlasting love' items.
I can't live with out them.


Miss Emma Kitty said...

Leopard and Sequins are My Favorites too !

A-Dubs said...

I, too, covet those exact. same. wedges. Both the shoes and the booties. We are clearly like this (I'm doing the fingers to eyes thing).

Also, my partner's been trying to sell me on Scotland. Between him and Diana Gabaldon - and now, your pictures of the Bonny Isle - it's kind of working. Are you good with the climate year-round, though?

Flashes of Style said...

Ohhh those wedges are fantastic! <33

LizAnn said...

Great post! The leopard print thing really hits home for me... I have to have it as well!
P.S. I might be equally obsessed with Scotland as you... I went there last Spring and LOVED it. Is the picture on Loch Ness? It looks like it is, and if so, I've totally been there and loved it :) Glad we share the same obsessions... :)

VPV Intern

Collette Osuna said...

Seriously....you are toooo stinkin cute in that little hat!! Thanks to you, Im in love and crazy about cameos too!! They are all just sooo gorgeous!!

Stop by and say Hello:)
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laura said...

holy spicoli, i want that orca hat!

Daniela said...

love those wedges, especially the second ones, and anything with leopard print!

Lisa L.S said...

This was a cool post! I love to learn a little more about the person behind the blog's I'm reading.
I'm also obsessed with sequins, clogs and leo! Like you said -who isn't? :-)

Annebeth said...

haha who loves backpipes? :D I thought everybody hated them! I love your orca hat though! :D

Kaleido Mind said...

LOVE your current 'loves':D the second pair of wedges (as well as each sequin photo) is beautiful:D

Clara said...

lovely blog!

Rona S. said...

Oh ive always wanted to go to Scotland, still havent even though im not that far (Holland)..I like that you always share good music (and bands) with us..Im always in need for new tunes:)
xx Rona

Twenty.Something said...

Great post! I'm loving some of the same things... especially leopard and wedges, I can't get enough!