Friday, November 17, 2017

All the Frills: Regretting a Recent Win

So I recently entered a gift draw at my local drugstore and I won! Which is shocking because I never win anything. My haul included an insane number of little samples of various high end creams and skin care products and makeup. And that’s dangerous because it’s caused me to fall in love with this particular product that retails for over $100. But now I’m hooked and so my bank account is going to take a big hit when my little sample size runs out. Do you indulge in any skin care splurges?

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Thursday, November 16, 2017

Maternity Leave Reality Check

Full disclosure, I’m finding being on maternity leave a little rough – and I freely admit that. It’s a bit like walking of a cliff in that I went from having a really challenging job that I put a lot of hours into (not to mention working a lot at home on the book – which, of course, is now finished) to just full stop not much to do all day. Eleanor also still has a somewhat erratic sleep schedule so while she does take lengthy day time naps, I never really know when she will want to sleep and that makes it hard to make plans to get out of the house.

It's also further complicated by the fact that she likes travelling in the car but as soon as the car stops, she wants out of her car seat and angrily tells you so - so even just taking her out to a store or to get groceries is complicated. Combine all that with not having regular access to other grown ups and it’s definitely a bit isolating. Most days I find myself counting down the hours until the helpmeet gets home from work and I have an adult to talk to. I take her out to programs at our local library and to visit with family and friends, as well as going into the office a few hours a week (trust me, I need the break) but I can say with confidence that I’m really glad that I opted for eight months of leave instead of the more standard twelve (my helpmeet is doing the other four months). Anyways, given that I only get out of the house sporadically, I really made the most of this trip to the vet.

leggings: ASOS / dress: Rachel Roy / shoes: Spring / necklace: Oak + Fort / jacket: The Bay

Tuesday, November 14, 2017

Well Heeled For Winter

I may have missed out on getting a lot of wear out of my sandals this year (there's snow on the ground now so that ship has definitely sailed) but at least now that I'm driving my own car I can actually get more wear out of the few pairs of heels I have this winter. Walking in snow is never conducive to wearing heels so the driving thing makes a HUGE difference.

top: F21 / leggings: ASOS / shoes:ModCloth / necklace: Stella and Dot

Sunday, November 12, 2017

Missing Sandal Season

Another bonus of not being pregnant anymore was that the swelling in my feet finally subsided in July and I could fit into sandals, etc again. While it's full on winter here now, until a couple of weeks ago I could still get away with wearing sandals - so I really made the most of it.

pants: ASOS / shirt: Winners / jacket: Aritzia / sandals: Arturo Chiang / necklace: Stella and Dot / sunglasses: Aldo

Friday, November 10, 2017

All the Frills: New Shoe Additions Edition

Lord knows I love me a good pair of loafers. And it seems like every fall I have to add at least another pair or two to my closet – seriously, how great are those sparkly ones?

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Wednesday, November 8, 2017

Starry Eyed

Eleanor loves it when I wear this sweatshirt (the black and white, the pattern, it’s all extremely fascinating for her little baby brain and she starts giggling and watching me intently when I have it on) and I love it because it is super soft and cozy and oversized and generally just perfect for a chilly fall day. Everybody wins!

pants: Zara / sweatshirt: Winners

Monday, November 6, 2017

Back in the Red

I’m so happy that I fit into this dress again! I bought it shortly before I found out I was pregnant and was only able to wear it once or twice before it stopped fitting. I own so few colourful things and was really smitten with the vibrant red of this dress – it seemed perfect for fall to me. So, here we are a year later, and I get to wear it in the fall!

dress: ModCloth / blazer: Simons / booties: Aldo / leggings: American Apparel

Friday, November 3, 2017

All the Frills: Halloweenies!

So this is the first year in a VERY long time that I didn’t do an elaborate Halloween costume to hit the town in. Just too much going on with baby. But that doesn’t mean I didn’t dress Eleanor up as an adorable little cat (and ensured I matched) and decorated the house for Halloween. It is my favourite time of year after all.

Weekend Reading:

If I’m still doing as much baby wearing next year as I am now, I will definitely be trying one of these Halloween costumes.

I’m glad the Library of Congress confirms what I’ve known ever since my first month of landing at Yale.

Guys, these are dark days. And the world needs heroes.

The world definitely needs heroes.

Stuff like this just horrifies me and fills me with sadness.

KFC’s social media is clever. Very clever.

Tuesday, October 31, 2017

Loves a Dramatic Entrance

Worn to take Eleanor for a visit to my office. I decided when I woke up that morning to channel my inner Countess Luann from the Real Housewives of New York (she has an epic collection of capes and enters rooms dramatically in them on the regular). Best decision I’ve made recently.

pants: Zara / cape: Winners / booties: Camper / shirt: Dynamite / necklace: Stella and Dot

Monday, October 30, 2017

Feeling Like a Regular Person Again

It was a mid September miracle when Eleanor slept from 12 am to 5 am (she's doing it pretty regularly now though, and has even extended her sleep time from about 10 pm to 6 am) and I actually felt semi-well rested in the morning and was able to don some regular people clothes to go running errands in…pregnancy has irrevocably changed my body and some of favourite pre-pregnancy pieces just aren’t “right” anymore (I’m looking forward to shopping!!!!) but this dress still totally works. Hooray!

dress: Saks Off Fifth / shoes: Spring / sunglasses: Aldo / earrings: ModCloth / cuff: Jenners

Friday, October 27, 2017

All the Frills: Four Months and Plugging Along

Guys – Eleanor is older now but here are her four month-old photos. I mean, objectively, she’s a damn cute baby. She also recently came down with her first cold, unfortunately. Baby's first cold is no joke - she was utterly miserable while her immune system figured out how to deal with it and I was sick myself and just wanted to rest and, of course, couldn't because Eleanor was so upset. So it made for a pretty ugly week around my house. But we knuckled down and got through it and now she's all smiles and giggles again.

Here are the things she's infatuated with these days:

  • The dancing fox on her activity mat (we call it Dancing Foxy)
  • Making a lot of insanely high pitched noises as she explores her "voice" (we now refer to her as the Queen of the Porpoises)
  • Sleeping - we're trying to get her on a daytime nap schedule (she fights us on that and is still all over the map, making my life difficult because I never know when, or even if, I'll have a bit of free time to do all those luxuries like eating and showering) but she's an awesome overnight sleeper and regularly goes down from 10 pm to at least 4:30 am and oftentimes to 6 or even 7 am (thanks Satan!)
  • Looking at herself in a mirror and just giggling for a solid 30 minutes

She still HATES being on her tummy but we diligently have tummy time every day. I'm hoping that any day now she'll be ready to start rolling...and then I'll basically have to alter how I do everything but it will be a huge milestone.

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Wednesday, October 25, 2017

The Day My Feet Officially Returned

When I took these photos I was fixated on the fact it just felt soooo amazing that the swelling in my feet finally subsided enough after the C section for me to wear both an open toed shoe and a small heel! It was a pretty happy day.

leggings: Target / tank top: Joe Fresh / shoes: ASOS / cardigan: ModCloth / necklace: Oak and Fort