Tuesday, July 19, 2011


I am currently writing the conclusion to my dissertation (in fact, I took the day off from blogging yesterday to write all day)!!!! I still have editing to do but it’s relatively minor…after five years I am drawing to the end of the tunnel – take that world! Yeah, I don’t even know what that means but I am a bit on the giddy side ride now.

jeans: thrifted, Charlotte Russe / shoes: Target / top: Gap / necklaces: Claire’s and F21

And ch-ch-check this out, it’s a few samples of documents that I worked with for my dissertation! This are from a book but last year when I was traveling in DC and California and the UK, I was visiting about 15 archives and sitting in them from 9 am to 5 pm and making transcriptions of thousands of letters just like these that related to my project. That’s why I need that magnifier necklace!

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StyleIDnet said...

Congratulations, you are almost there!! its interesting to see the letters, I am impressed by the ....'clean look' if we had to hand write letters today I am sure it wouldn't look 1/2 as 'aesthetically pleasant' to the eye as these do .... we have lost that skill with typewriters and computers, but on the other hand yes, I see the need of magnifying glass now, well you also make them into great necklaces :)
your shirt is beautiful, love the color and the little mesh on the shoulders, nice detail!



Those letters are absolutely amazing & so beautiful. AND my goodness I love your amazing necklaces, love the layered look & mixed metals. Have a great day hun. xx veronika

Mani said...

I am in love with that outfit! You look lovely!

hugs and kisses by Mani.

Tinfoils Tiaras said...

5 years wow- that is a huge commitment- you must be getting excited!!! I love this tee on you and you always have the best acessories!

the nyanzi report said...

good luck with your dissertation.

Closet Fashionista said...

Love your outfit!! And great shoes too!! :)
and woooo for the dissertation!

Katie said...

Congrats on almost being done!

Marie a la Mode said...

It must feel so good to be almost finished! Good luck with the last leg! Love your necklaces by the way.

Bonnie said...

I am so proud of you!!! This is a huge accomplishment, and you should be SUPER STOKED right now. :) :)

Twitter: @GlamKitten88

Alexa said...

Oh good for you! What an accomplishment that will be. AND you look fabulous! Win win!

Bad Joan said...

Cool outfit! Love those wedges!


Raquelita said...

Wrapping up a project is always such a thrilling time! Congratulations on nearing the end! I love that skull necklace!

Penny Dreadful said...

Wow, if I had to read documents like that I would definitely have to wear a cape and grow a beard. Those jeans look fab on you xx

Chelsea Lane said...

omgosh what beautiful documents! and SHOES. you look great girl!


Meri said...

Way to go on the dissertation! The writing is beautiful but it seems very timestaking work, and now... I think its worth a celebration haha. I am glad to find your blog!

this free bird said...

SOOOOOO close to the end. Werk!

oh and skull necklace at 12 o'clock = brilliant


Eleanor at Mirror Of My World said...

good luck with the dissertation xxxx

Kavery said...

I'm totally stoked that you are so close to finishing your paper. No wonder you needed the magnifier, those letters are so hard to read.

Emma said...

Congrats! Almost....
I LOVE that key necklace! So Cute!

Yajaira said...

love the wedges
cute necklace with the keys


Isabel said...

congrats on being almost finished!

Rinz said...

The handwriting is so pretty to look at :D and oh your necklace is so fab i love the color combo :D

LyddieGal said...

wow, congrats on concluding the dissertation!
by the length, im sure the editing will be a while, but it must be so great to be nearly done!

and i dont know how you managed to read that, i dont think i can even get through a single sentence.

aren't you lucky you have a computer to write on? haha.

Chic on the Cheap

Leia said...

Eee this is so exciting! You are soooo close!


Angel Garcia said...

Love the look! And that writing looks insanely hard to read!

All the best, Angel

blorange dice said...

woww, those pages are crazy! you look lovely, as always. congratulations on being almost donnne with all the hard work you've been doing!

MosaMuse said...

good luck with everything!! congrats on finishing


Closet Fashionista said...

yea...the Eye wasn't all that exciting but I did enjoy it, was kinda cool. And was a good rest for my back, haha :)

Cat said...

Yea ... the light is shinning brightly now ... you are almost there! I am so proud of you ... so fashionable and such a brain, a very sexy combo :)

❤ Cat brideblu

Belly B said...

Congratulations!!!! What a milestone! :D
And Holy Moly the ancient transcriptions are fuh-reaking cool!!! :D

<3 Belly B

Debby said...

Those wedge heels are so cute. I love your bookshelves. xo

laura said...

Wooooohooo! Congratulations, lady!

I love these documents you've posted. I consider myself a translator more than a "scholar" so I really appreciate looking at the real documents first-hand instead of a transcribed copy.

♥ laura
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