Monday, January 16, 2012

Golden Globes Glamour

Let's do a little run down of Golden Globes fashion, shall we (which, by and large, I have to confess I was disappointed with - not nearly enough risk takers in my opinion. But then again, who am I to dictate what the stars wear?).

Here we have Amanda Peet. And I do not understand what is happening here. She looks like she stole all the shabby lace curtains from someone's grandmother's house (or a weird aunt) and stitched them together.

This gown is very reminiscent of a blue one that Poehler wore to the 2011 Emmy Awards but it's working for her. Also I want to hang out with Leslie Knope and Gob Bluth so they can pretty much wear whatever they want and I will think they're amaze balls.

I'm still not entirely sure how I feel about this. I mean I like the silhouette but I'm not sure about the cream and white. Thoughts?

This is just too much for me, although Charlize looks amazing in the blush color.

I appreciated the risk taking involved in wearing orange but I'm not sure this entirely works for Dianna's just a lot of dress with a lot of detail work.

My pick for the night's best dressed, Emma Stone looks radiant and bold in Lanvin.

But Evan Rachel Wood was a close second for me - the feathering on this gown is just a show stopper.

I really thought Glenn Close looked refined and works for her.

Jessica Biel in another dress I don't get - it's not the most flattering cut on her and it just strikes me as bridal...or as something Dolly Parton might have worn to perform in in the late 80s (wait, that's not a bad thing....).

Yes this is simple and not terribly dramatic, but with her gorgeous red hair and the emerald earrings, Julianne Moore looks radiant.

Oh Julie Bowen, you always seem to draw the short end of the stick when it comes to award show attire. This isn't a terrible dress or anything (objectively, it's quite beautiful) but without a bolder lip color or some statement accessories I just feel like it washes her out. And then there's the hair.

Obviously emerald was a huge trend on red carpets past and so Laura Dern is a bit behind the curve, but she also looks absolutely amazing and it's great to see a re-articulation of emerald.

Merly Streep has a fairly prominent history of whack-a-do dressing for events like this but, honestly, she's got far more important things in life to care about and she'll be perfect no matter what she wears. So free pass.

As the new face of Dior it's unsurprising that Mila Kunis would opt for a Dior creation at the Globes and I really love this on her. She made some bold and very successful sartorial choices at last year's awards season and, while this is definitely more sedate, I think she looks elegant and sexy - and that's not a bad combo.

I was personally wowed by Salma Hayek's Art Deco-inspired look.

This was my least favorite of the night. It's Monique Lhuillier and, while the print is lovely, the silhouette is just too overwrought. It's too much dress.

The Swinton! Who, as you know, can do no wrong in my eyes. Also, she's wearing Haider Ackermann, one of my favorite designers. The architectural work on the jacket pairs up perfectly with the architectural majesty of her hair and I am forced to bow down before her.

Viola Davis has been pulling it out at her various public appearances lately and last night was no different. I just love this on her. And the gold clutch is a perfect touch.


Jessie in Fashion Limbo said...

Tilda Swinton looks amaaaazing, but that is nothing new, she tends to rock any red carpet event. I adore Laura Dern's dress, stunning, glamourous and oh so flattering. I also liked Madonna's dress, just not how she/they styled her hair. Michelle Williams was oh so pretty too.

Raquelita said...

Emma Stone does look absolutely amazing in that dress, but I have to disagree about Swinton. I love her hair, but the dress is giving me bad 80s flashbacks, though admittedly not as bad as the hideous garment that Kelly Osborne was wearing.

Laura Go said...

So I don't watch TV, but I did see pics of the dresses last night-- and yeah, I was really disappointed at how ugly most of them looked to me. Maybe I just needed more candy in me. Mila Kunis was gorgeous. Tilda Swinton is amazing (she's a saint, i tell you) and I gotta agree, though I cannot stand Emma Stone, her dress was magnificent.

♥ laura
the blog of worldly delights

JennaStevie said...

I usually don't watch awards shows but I watched this year. And yeah Emma Stone is amazing, she's always fierce, I also really liked Helen Miran it was age appropriate and gorgeous. I love the risks Tilda takes, it's always something so her

StyleIDnet said...

Agree! I saw Angelina's dress and was very disappointed as well as with Jesical Biel. Now, Jane Fonda looked super beautiful, as well as Laura Dern .... such an original and chic choice, BEAUTIFUL!, now I want something shiny in the shade of green. Mila Kunis, I love her, I think she does right choices, most of the times.
Have a happy Monday!

Collette Osuna said...

My picks turned out to be your picks, lol.....everyone else really came up short huh? I mean like lack luster doesnt even begin to say it.....Hope you had a good weekend!

A Blog of Life & Everything in Between!

Alexa said...

I pretty much agree with all of your critiques. Selma looks amazing!

Miti said...

I once dreamed that I was at the Oscars, and won something (I can totally see Original Story, or whatever it is called, for the filmatization of my dissertation... Excuse me as I laugh my ass off), and wore my national costume. I had business cards with the info on the dress on it: Handmade by owner: national costume of the region of Pirkanmaa, in finland. And a URL to a page on Finnish national costumes.

I woke up and was inspired for a whole morning to write movie scripts just so I could go to fancy celebrity things wearing a dress designed to make a woman look, well, erm... fertile...

There was much giggling that morning.

Kristin said...

I thought Evan's gown was divine! I also really loved Nicole Richie's entire look!

Anonymous said...

I didn't watch the GGs, so thanks for the recap. I agree - Emma Stone gets my vote for best dressed!'


Pop Champagne said...

Charlize's dress is amazing, it's my fave hands down!

Michelle said...

I had to miss them last night but I went through the gown pics this morning. I have to go with Evan Rachel Wood because I have a weakness for feathers. She looked stunning.

elanor, said...

I definitely adore Emma Stone's dress the most out of these. The color and texture is fantastic...!

xx elanor

Rebecca said...

I don't usually care for Tilda Swinton's outfits, but the one she wore at the Golden Globes looked really nice.

Nnenna said...

I was following along on twitter and The Cut since I don't have a tv and I wanted to see all the dresses! Some of my favorites were Angelina, Emma, and Salma! I also thought that Tilda Swinton looked amazing too and that Charlize looked stunning, even though I think that's one of those dresses that only she could pull off. And I agreed with you about Michelle Williams- love the dress, not sure about the headband!

star-crossed smile

Anonymous said...

Loved Emma Stone - think shes my best dressed, too :)

The Key To Chic said...

Emma is my top pick - she looks flawless. I noticed a lot of blush/neutral hues, which can sometimes wash people out of worn too close to the skin tone. So many beautiful dresses, though!

Sunny & Star said...

I definitely agree about Emma Stone. She looks amazing! Plus I LOVE her hair. A lot of the others, I am not sure what they were thinking.

Kavery said...

For me Even Rachel took the cake, the candles - in short she wins hands down.

Closet Fashionista said...

I agree, Emma Stone was my favorite! She is gorgeous *dies*
I agree with most of your other observations too :)

Sunny & Star said...

I think Emma Stone looks amazing. My favorite dress of the night was what George Clooney's girlfriend was wearing. They looked amazing.

LyddieGal said...

Wow, I don't know how I feel about these gowns. Most I would not be caught dead in.

However the feathered gown is kind of awesome; I love the costume-y aspect of it, it's like something I would have dreampt of wearing back in my anime convention days.

Chic on the Cheap

Yara Simón said...

I'm definitely more excited for the Oscars. I hope to be wowed.

Pamela said...

CE! I died laughing at your commentary. Spot on!

Except that I really didn't like Kunis' dress. Or hair or anything. She looked ragged when I think radiant was the objective.