Saturday, July 7, 2012

Tough Tux

In my dreams I am wearing this tonight…

Tough Tux

And I am officially back in Canada now but I’ve got a back log of photos from New Haven still to post (a strategic decision on my part because I will decidedly unfashionable for the next week or so whilst I live in yoga pants and old t-shirts and battle with my helpmeet about where to position furniture and the items from my truly enviable collection of knick knacks in our new apartment). So enjoy that.


JennaStevie said...

I would totally wear this look, I loove the studded cuff and those sparkly leggings. So cool!


laura said...

yoga pants of not, I am sure you still look fab. And I would totes wear this look too! All the sparkles and that fabulous bow wedge!
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LyddieGal said...

glad you made it, hopefully this next part will be a bit more enjoyable!

love this outfit, those pants are so amazing, i can't get over them.
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The Key To Chic said...

Hope you're doing well in Canada! I'd wear this look in a heartbeat!

HailesHeartsFashion said...

I really love this look and can totally imagine you in it! I think the red lipstick completes it as red lipstick usually does!



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Eli said...

I would wear this tuxedo outfit in a heartbeat!

Hope your settling in goes well and quickly. Unpacking sucks just as much as moving sometimes.

Jenna said...

LOVE it all! Especially those shoes! Good luck getting all settled in your new home!

Annie L said...

I love the shiny leather leggings, this outfit would be perfect for dinner and drinks.
xo Annie

Closet Fashionista said...

Ooh I would be wearing that in my dreams too :)