Wednesday, March 15, 2017

That Awkward Stage

I’m sort of at that awkward stage where I’m showing quite a bit but haven’t yet gotten so big that I’m ready for maternity wear (luckily I have a wardrobe that consists of a lot of loose-fitting tunic tops and leggings so it’s relatively easy to make due for the time being, all things considered).

This red tunic style dress was definitely a titch tight when I wore it (incidentally shopping for nursery supplies) so I think it’s now going to be relegated to the back of my closet for the next few months but I am glad I got one more wear out of it.

dress: ModCloth / leggings: ASOS / booties: Aldo / jacket: H&M / scarf: Target / purse: Stella and Dot


Closet Fashionista said...

Yea at least you got one more wear out of it!! That was the good thing about when my mom was pregnant, bigger clothes and leggings were in so she didn't have to buy too much maternity-wear, haha. Although she obviously did that too.

LyddieGal said...

From what I've seen on other bloggers, maternity wear is getting better and better, though I've also seen so many who are resistant, constantly saying how nothing they have on is maternity. I think it's silly, embrace maternity clothes shopping, and definitely look for more cute bright dresses like this one.

Lorena said...

Great that you got one more wear . I have to say that if you had not mentioned in earlier posts I would have never guessed you were having a baby :)

Cee said...

Maternity wear. Just the term makes me shudder a little. Get all the wear out of your beautiful loose tops and tunics while you can! This one has such a fabulous print.

Mónica - Mes Voyages à Paris said...

The red dress makes this look so wonderful! Very cool!
Mónica Sors

awhite said...

This dress is so cute- I love the print. And I think you're nailing the awkward stage styling!

Le Stylo Rouge

Girl and Closet said...

There's nothing better than leggings and tunics, plus as you're proving here, totally fab for pregnancy too!! xo