Thursday, March 31, 2011

Winter's Spell is Broken!

Okay, the snow has pretty much entirely melted here and now my slowness at formatting/posting my photos is laid bare to all of you. But that’s okay, because I can honestly say that this is the last post of me wearing this winter jacket because spring has sprung people!!!! Anyhoo, I was going for a military-theme here (see with the cut of the coat and the army boots), with a little pop of cutesy and color interjected (my little birdie purse). But really, who cares? Because (did I mention this already?), this is it people – spring is here!!!! So let’s collectively bid adieu to the shackles of frost and ice that bind us during those long and sunless months and celebrate the change in weather together.

all images from my weheartit archive

In more weather appropriate news, I saw this Topshop dress on Brunch at Saks and I am officially obsessed with this little number. What do you think?

Wednesday, March 30, 2011

Alexander McQueen Retrospective

My birthday is coming up soon and, in addition to the usual obscene amount of drinking and eating that I plan to engage with close friends and my helpmeet, I am also planning a little day trip to New York City (am I ever gonna miss living less than hours away from NYC!). You see, starting on May 4, the always amazing MET is hosting a retrospective on the career of Alexander McQueen. And I could not be more excited!


image credit: polyvore

Tuesday, March 29, 2011

Waistcoats for Teaching

This is the second appearance of this awesome patterned dress that I picked up, for free, at a clothing swap I recently attended. This time I added a little waistcoat to, you know, mix it up a little, as the kids say. I think the look is still academic/professional – this is going to make a nice little teaching outfit if I do say so myself!

dress: clothing swap / waistcoat: H&M / necklace: vintage from my grandmother

Friday, March 25, 2011


For some crazy reason it decided to half snow/half rain in New Haven this week (I guess sleet is the meteorological term for it, but that sounds like a phony word doesn’t it?) so I was staying warm and dry a few days ago in a red striped sweater from the Gap and a scarf from H&M.

Also, I'm teetering on the verge of 200 followers and that "199" on my side bar is seriously driving me if you read the blog (just one of you, anyone) but aren't a Google follower, would you mind doing me a serious solid and clicking that little "follow" button? You'd be aces in my book forever!

Thursday, March 24, 2011

Semper Eadem

Today is a very special day for this history geek – it’s the four hundred and eighth anniversary of the death of Queen Elizabeth I, my favorite history gal (although that's actually old style dating and so not exactly the exact date in terms of new style dating but that's a whole other can o' worms). I usually mark the occasion by watching an episode from the BBC’s epic miniseries, Elizabeth R, starring Glenda Jackson. Oh, and by wearing a small dose of black, which is, of course, not at all hard for me because most of my wardrobe is black.

Although today I'm going to see a guest lecture on the intellectual activities of Scottish women during the Georgian period so my screening of Elizabeth R may get pushed to tomorrow. The geekiness abounds.

skirt: Ann Taylor / Sweater: Gap / Infinity Scarf: Can’t Recall

Wednesday, March 23, 2011

Why Hello There...I'm a Semi-Successful Academic

I recently finished writing the fourth chapter of my dissertation but so far my adviser has only read the first and second ones and last week I met with him to discuss his editorial suggestions for those chapters...and, fantastically, he loved both of them and only suggested a few minor things (essentially, though, my actual arguments and use of archival work is all on the level)! So now it's onwards and upwards for this gal. And nothing makes me feel triumphant like a dash of leopard print -- I also kind of feel like this is a very appropriate "I'm working on my dissertation, I'm a very stylish academic" look...maybe that's just me though.

skirt: Joe Fresh / Sweater: Gap /Boots: Kamik Olivia Model / Scarf: Some Dude on the Street in NYC

Tuesday, March 22, 2011

I Heart You Spring Break

Well Spring Break is officially over (and apparently, after a few days of gorgeous weather here, it's now going to be rainy/snowy on and off all this week) but I refuse to let spring go in a floral, gauzy dress I picked up in London. Oh, and I'm also forgetting my post-Spring Break woes by enjoying a beer and one of New Haven’s loveliest new restaurants/bars, The Cask Republic. I recently discovered this place and love it – with about 50 beers on tap, great food, and an amazing d├ęcor, what’s not to love? And now it's back to dissertation writing and colloquium attending with a vengeance.

Friday, March 18, 2011

Marc Jacobs

This was my prize grab up at the clothing swap – a lovely orange and floral Marc Jacobs skirt….which I’ve paired with an infinity scarf and my new rubber boots because, hey, it’s rainy these days on the east coast!

Also, obviously I am not participating in the day of silence connected with For Japan With Love (I missed the sign up deadline and so thought I'd just plow ahead with my regular post). However, what I am doing is encouraging everyone to give, as little or as much as you can (because every little bit helps).

Thursday, March 17, 2011

Retro Chic

I scored this awesome dress at a clothing swap…I love the 60s vibe to it! In unrelated news, I’m went to Boston yesterday for a day of visiting one of my all-time favorite museums (the Isabella Stewart Gardiner), partially walking the Freedom Trail, and meeting an old friend for a delicious dinner. I love Boston. Does anyone else have any big pre-weekend plans?

Dress: clothing swap / Boots: F21

Tuesday, March 15, 2011

Oscar Glam

Belatedly, here are some snaps from the amazing Oscar party I attended in February. It was the perfect occasion to wear my black sequin dress from ModCloth along with my leopard coat and bling necklace from H&M (seriously, look at the cocktail menu the hosts assembled – fancy, no?) and hang with some awesome friends.

dress: ModCloth / jacket: H&M / necklace: H&M

The Velvet Leopard

Velvet and leopard – what could be better?

Cardigan: Gap / Jeans: Banana Republic / Necklace: Groove Stone / Velvet Tank: Macys / Shoes: Aldo

And another of my Tuesday loves? Well bows of course!

all images from my weheartit archive

Sunday, March 13, 2011

Lousy Smarch Weather

This is one of my favorite looks this Smarch (Simpsons anyone?). I find it transitions really nicely from a day on campus to grabbing a evening cocktail with friends…and gray is one of my favorite colors, plus the dress has some stud detailing on the top which I also love.

Dress: H&M / Necklace: ModCloth / Shoes: Converse