Friday, December 27, 2013

Cardigan Fever

Another installment of cardigan madness as a result of Edmonton’s recent obscenely cold bout of weather.

Seeing as how it's now after the 25, I hope you all had a rad Festivus! Mine was deliciously low key - we cooked dinner at home for my parents and my helpmeet's father and then mostly just lazed around the house. Although I did spend some time prepping for my trip to DC next week (I can't believe how soon that is!).

cardigan: c/o OASAP / booties: Aldo / pants: RW Winter and Co / top: Zara

Monday, December 23, 2013

Let's Cardigan It Up, Shall We?

A few weeks back there was a wicked cold snap here (it was -39 with the wind chill one day!) … so I had a week of layering on the cardigans. Which is actually okay in my book because I both love winter weather and a good cardigan. I'm a curious creature with very particular tastes.

dress: H&M / cardigan: Value Village, thrifted / boots: Kohls

Wednesday, December 18, 2013

There's a Chill in the Air

Damn it’s been really cold outside on Edmonton (it's warmed up a bit recently but before that it was ridiculously cold). And that’s just the way I like it. Nothing beats getting all bundled up on a chilly day, taking in some sharp, frozen air, and then moving indoors and experiencing the feeling of warmth again. I love it!

parka: Macys / sweater: c/o Sheinside / booties: Aldo / necklace: Monserat de Lucca via Shopbop / purse: Urban Outfitters / pants: Zara

Tuesday, December 17, 2013


So I got pretty into the Festivus spirit this year. Starting with tossing up a hell of a lot of lights onto my windows. And a tree. And a cabinet of holiday cards. And a few other random decorations. Tis the season and all that jazz. I've even got a holiday-themed work outfit!

pants: Zara / sweater: Jacob / shoes: Spring / necklace: ModCloth / bracelet: Aldo and my grandmother’s

Monday, December 16, 2013

Snow Day

This was on a Saturday and my helpmeet and I were out and about for a visit to the Art Gallery of Alberta and then to teach me how to drive in winter (if you are ever driving in Edmonton and you see a black Sonata with a nervous looking gal white-knuckling the wheel, get as far away as you can, because I’m a menace).

Being out on a Saturday meant I could do some photos and actually have natural lighting (which is pretty rare for me, given that it’s already dark by the time I leave for work and by the time I’m done work and ready to do some photo shooting during the week).

In other news, I've been feeling a bit under the weather for the past few days and am desperately trying to not get sick - especially since I'm heading to Washington DC in a few weeks to attend the American Historical Association's annual conference and any time I'm on the cusp of getting sick and I board a plane, it usually spells disaster.

jacket: H&M / blouse: Dynamite / boots: Doc Martens / necklace: Simons

Friday, December 13, 2013

I Hang Out in Vestibules ... What of it?

My ongoing hunt for decent locations to take photos after work (because it’s already dark out when I get home at 5 pm) continues with this little gem – the weird vestibule in my apartment building lobby! Don’t worry, I’ll keep looking.

top: Talbots / jeans: Kensie / necklace: c/o OASAP / boots: Doc Martens

Monday, December 9, 2013

Winter Shorts

Winter’s the best time for high waisted shorts, right? I'm going to assume you've all collectively shouted "yes!"

shorts: H&M / blouse: Mexx / tights: Target / boots: Steve Madden

Friday, December 6, 2013

The Pockets of the Pocket Fox

I will forever be a fan of dresses with pockets (a gal’s gotta have somewhere handy to store her lip gloss)!

I also can’t believe how late I am in posting these photos, which, as anyone living in Edmonton will instantly recognize, are clearly from over a month ago before the city got covered in snow. Truth be told I thought I actually had posted them like a month ago and wondered why they were still sitting in my “to post” folder. Ooops.

dress: Target / boots: ASOS / tights: Winners / necklace: Monserat de Lucca

Wednesday, December 4, 2013


So, as you’re likely aware, I’ve been learning to drive over the past year and, now that there’s snow and ice on the ground, I’m tackling winter driving for the first time. And it is seriously scary. I think I’m getting better at it but, man, it scares the hell out of me. I pretty much white-knuckle the steering wheel the entire time I’m in the driver’s seat. None of that has anything to do with what I’m wearing but I did have this little number on the last time I headed out for driving practice and it brought on some flashbacks so I figured I’d share.

jeans: Kensie / sweater: c/o OASAP / shoes: Urban Outfitters / necklace: F21