Tuesday, April 30, 2013

Live Through This

My helpmeet recently gave me a Hole t-shirt as a surprise gift. Now, if only I could find my Hole barrettes from circa 1996 I’d have a real theme look going. Eh, maybe having misplaced the barrettes is a good thing.

pants: Urban Outfitters / shirt: my helpmeet / blazer: Zara / boots: ASOS

Friday, April 26, 2013

I Was Incapable of Stopping at the Boots

So, while I was picking up my new boots I also treated myself to a new purse. Seriously, gold studs … how could I say no?

  dress: Target / blazer: Forever 21 / leggings: Winners / boots: Aldo / watch: Kenneth Cole / bracelet: ASOS / necklace: Forever 21 / purse: Zara 

BTW, are we pals on Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram? If not, maybe we should be....

Monday, April 22, 2013

I Have a Tangled Relationship with Costco

For some bizarro reason I always feel compelled to wear a fun dress when I hit up Costco for some bulk toilet paper and nut buying. It’s so goddamned depressing in there that I just want to show up in a really happy sartorial mood, even though it often results in me looking like a total whack-a-doo when I roll into that place. Although I do think my facial expression in this photo accurately captures my feelings about Costco.

  dress: H&M / boots: Zara / belt: H&M / necklace: the Met

Tuesday, April 16, 2013

Jacket Weather

So Edmonton recently got hit with a last minute dump of snow and cold weather (actually another 20 cm over the weekend is now being predicted), which bummed a lot of people out. Not me though.

As you know, I adore winter, snow, and chilly weather so I was happy as a clam that spring was postponed for a few more days. The snow also, happily, coincided with the delivery of my new jacket from ASOS so I get to wear it a few times before warm weather hits and it has to be retired for the summer.

  jacket: ASOS / leggings: ASOS / boots: ASOS / purse: Urban Outfitters

Friday, April 12, 2013


Well, I can call off my cross-Edmonton search for a pair of new boots. Zara to the rescue!

Last week I also got my peer teaching evaluation report for my World History survey course and it was a really glowing report about my lecture and teaching style. I’m so happy that it went well and my performance was well-received by the history department. To top it off, some of my students approached me after class and asked what I would be teaching in the fall so they could enroll. So I was on a bit of a teaching high for the rest of the day.

Wednesday, April 10, 2013

As You Can Tell, I'm Very Impressed

I’m minutes away from heading out for an afternoon of shopping (yeah, I really overspent at Zara that afternoon) and a delicious sushi feast at a favourite local restaurant. Oddly my face conveys none of my inner excitement. I should work on that.

  dress: ASOS / boots: Steve Madden / leggings: ASOS / bracelets: Aldo 

Then I came home and changed and went out for some drinks with my helpmeet. And I still look very non-thrilled. Seriously, I need to work on facial expressions.

Sunday, April 7, 2013


The lobby of my apartment building has some really fancy art. I mean, it’s not Patrick Nagel fancy, but it’ll do.

   dress: H&M / cardigan: gift from my mother / boots: Aldo / tights: Winners

Thursday, April 4, 2013

Absolutism Never Works

I wore this to teach last week – I love the little bit of edge that the faux leather cardigan adds to things. And you've got to bring a little edge to a lecture on constitutionalism and absolutism in post-Reformation Europe (absolutism never works was the ultimate lesson, thank you very much French Revolution). You’ve simply got to.

  dress: Gap / shoes: Target / cardigan: Zara / ring: House of Harlow via Shopbop

Monday, April 1, 2013

Bows! And Some Random Info About Me...

I recently rediscovered this adorable little hair bow from ModCloth. While it’s not really fitting for wear around my office, I think I need to make a mental note to pack it in my purse when I head out for dinner or drinks straight from work. It adds the perfect touch of fun (and I really, really need that after a day at work. Like a lot).

In other news, one of my Connecticut blogger pals recently tagged me in a “Five Things About Me” post…so here’s 5 slightly random things about me:

 My favourite place in the world is Scotland, hands down. I dream about being back there at least once a month. And as a historian of England you’d think I’d like spending time in England more but, nope, it’s Scotland all the way for this gal!

I love the fall and winter and absolutely hate summer and warm weather. I know, its super weird. But true.

I can read Spanish, French, Italian, and Latin. My speaking skills in each are much less proficient.

Before deciding to pursue history as a career field and getting my PhD from Yale I thought I would get a degree in education and work as a teacher.

My helpmeet and I recently celebrated our seventh wedding anniversary (and we’ve been together for 12 years). We got married because I got accepted to Yale and it was the only way we could get him a visa to come along. So, instead of a proposal, we sat down together and had a discussion about the benefits of getting hitched versus staying as common law (we’d been living together for three years at that point). Lots of people think that’s a depressing story but I love it – it pretty accurately sums up how we roll as a couple and, hey, it’s workin’ for us.