Sunday, August 30, 2015

The Pre-Vacation Push

The last few days have been pretty gruelling ones. I’ve done a huge push over the last week to wrap up all my pending projects so that I can jet off to Scotland and be in total vacation mode, knowing that all my various academic projects are wrapped. To that end, I reread/edited/revised all 300+ pages of my monograph to get it ready to send to a new publishing house, finally finished my article on elite women and anger (and shipped it off to a journal for publication consideration), and finished my paper for November’s upcoming North American Conference on British Studies. I’m exhausted but so happy to be work free for at least the next month or even two!

dress: Winners / cardigan: Pins + Needles / necklace: Aldo

Wednesday, August 26, 2015

Double the Obnoxiousness

Even though I already have a pair of plaid pants (which are SUPER obnoxious), I simply couldn’t resist this pair. I’m thinking I should bring them to Scotland with me…

pants: Old Navy / shirt: Simons / cardigan: Target / shoes: Target / necklace: Aldo / purse: Zara

Monday, August 24, 2015

Getting A Bit Frantic...

I can hardly believe I leave for Scotland in such a short amount of time! I am beyond excited, and frantically trying to finish up my article draft and upcoming conference paper so that I am embark for a truly stress free vacation in my favourite place in the world.

And all that brings me to these photos. As you can see, I am standing in front of a shopping cart stand. That’s because I got so busy with the article draft and then having to dash out to buy toiletries for the trip that I totally spaced on outfit photos and it all resulted in this particularly glamorous location.

skirt: Vero Moda / shirt: Target / jacket: H&M / sunglasses: Aldo / necklace: Monserat de Lucca

Friday, August 21, 2015

All the Frills: Swan Song

The one and only thing I will miss about summer (aside from camping that is) is painted toenails and being able to wear sandals to show them off. This is it, my swan song to summer!

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Wednesday, August 19, 2015

Dilly Dally

I wore this out to see a few bands play with some friends and discovered the amazingness of a band called Dilly Dally. They were beyond amazing. I love it when I am pleasantly surprised by new music.

leggings: ASOS / boots: Target / shirt: Target / purse: Zara / sunglasses: Aldo / coat: found at a bar

Tuesday, August 18, 2015


There are some amazing wooded areas in my neighboured, part of a creek area. This past weekend I went out and did a little exploring - looking, I admit, a tad like a slob, but whatever.

pants: RW and Co / shirt: Yale / hoodie: American Apparel / shoes: Toms

Friday, August 14, 2015

All the Frills: The Writing Edition

Because I’ve been killing myself lately with my various writing projects (my monograph, a conference paper, and an article), I’m taking a moment today to remind myself of how good it feels when projects like these actually get finished and you get the satisfaction of putting them out into the world. And what better way to do that than to take a nostalgic look back at the projects I have finished? To that end, I give you a sampling of my finished work – including three dissertations and a couple of published articles. This does not include the estimate 100+ (at least) papers for courses that I've done during the course of my 12 years of university. Now, onwards and upwards.

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Thursday, August 13, 2015

The Statement Pants

I’ve featured them before on the blog and here they are again – the most obnoxious pants on the face of the planet. Aren’t they glorious?

pants: Simons / shirt: ASOS / jacket: found at a bar / shoes: Winners / necklace: Aldo / purse: Zara

Tuesday, August 11, 2015

Sequin Pick Me Up

Sometimes you just need to wear some sequins. You know I’m right.

dress: ASOS / leggings: Target / cardigan: Pins + Needles

Friday, August 7, 2015

All the Frills: The Patterned Blazer

I’ve done an outfit post with this blazer but I wanted to focus on it up close and personal in this week’s All the Frills because I have just been wearing the hell out of it lately.

I basically (for the most part) wear all black, all the time and the pattern on this just adds a little zing to those basic black looks that are wardrobe staples for me. Plus it’s really lightweight and just perfect for summer wear – I’ve been getting a lot of use out of it at work.

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Wednesday, August 5, 2015


I have a pretty large collection of band t-shirts but I don’t really get many opportunities to wear them (what with work and all) so when one of those odd occasions did arise, I had to commemorate it. Do any of you own many pieces that you just can’t get a lot of wear out of?

pants: Zara / boots: Camper / blazer: H&M

Monday, August 3, 2015

Wedding Wear

So I went to a wedding recently. And this guy there, a guest, was wearing a t-shirt (who wears a t-shirt to a wedding?) that said “Bitches be trippin’... except when I push them.” It was super classy. He's basically my new best friend. Anyways, this is what I wore to the ceremony … I’ve never felt more like a Real Housewife than I do in this dress.

dress: H&M / sandals: Target / necklace: Express